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Geographic Information
Alias(es) Kingdom of Zion
Capital Sarilstad
Notable cities Alexandria
Region(s) Eastern Northern Continent
Shares borders with:
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Zionite
Allies Clergy of Artemicia
Enemies Andaria
  • Blue Ravens
  • Royal Company of Archers
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Queen Desdemona Sarillius
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age
Established 1 AC
Preceded by

Zion, formally the Kingdom of Zion, is a nation on the Northern Continent in the Fourth Age. It was founded by the human refugees from the former Third Age nation of Remon after the Catastrophe. Led by Queen Desdemona Sarillius, the widow of the legendary and revered hero-king Marcus Sarillius, Zion attempts to expand its territory and views similar attempts from the demonic Andarian Empire with suspicion if not outright hostility.






Blue Ravens[]

The Blue Ravens, successors of the Third Age's famed Ravensworth Watch and White Ravens, are Zion's elite cavalry who ride pegasi, fast horses hailing from their fallen homeland of Remon. The knights wear light but durable armor which makes their movements less clunky and allows them to ride their horses for longer distances without tiring them out as easily as more heavily armored knights would. They are armed with lances and longswords which are effective against armored targets.

The Blue Ravens are known not only for their distinctive blue armor but also for their "wings" that are taller than the knights themselves. The wings consist of an attached wooden frame which carries eagle, griffon and raven feathers. The knights wear the wings because they not only look impressive and noble but also make a loud, clattering noise which makes it seem like the cavalry is much larger than in reality and frightens the enemy's mounts.

Royal Company of Archers[]

The Royal Company of Archers are Zion's elite archers. They protect the House of Sarillius and members of the royal court as bodyguards but also join battles when ordered by the sovereign.

Notable settlements[]

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