Societal Information
Race(s) Humans, Elves
Demonym(s) Zealot
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Historical Information
Age First Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Empire of Alent

Zeal was a nation in the First Age. Ruled for a time by Queen Usa and King Leo, it was conquered by the forces of Lea Monde led by Sydney Losstarot. During his campaign in Zeal, Sydney happened to find a boy, Yurius, who would later become the true threat of the Sydney Losstarot War.

History[edit | edit source]

Under the rule of King Edge Eblan and Queen Aeris of Eblana, Princess Usa and General Leo were part of the richest, most powerful nation. Over time, the Kingdom of Eblana wore down, mainly of leadership. Princess Usa and Leo were restless though and didn't want to stand around while the rest of the world went on around them. So they searched for new land.

After a long search they found a continent perfect for a new kingdom. With a large sum of men under Leo's command from Eblana's army and Princess Usa by his side, they erected a large palace, cities, and ports. A new kingdom named Zeal was born. Akito Tenkawa, one of the highest ranking officals in Eblana's army, later came to Zeal, seeking a position there. A long time comrade of Leo, the king gladly accepted him. Shadow Knight, a long time friend and comrade from Elbana's army also came to Zeal, maily for his love, Princess Usa. Zeal became one of the wealthiest and most powerful kingdoms in the world at that time, and it was heavily involved in world politics.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Zeal was weakened in the First Banishment, and eventually a group of merchants took over it and renamed it as the Kingdom of Silecia.

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