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Status: Dead
Age: 58
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: White Mage
Nation: Aison
Faction: Magestar
Era: Third Age
"I'm Zagan--not Zagar--and I'm part of the council, which under the leadership of Vepar--not Vesper--decided to burn down Graves. I can't even remember the reason, all I remember are the...the screams. Come with me...hehe. Can't let the screams go on, must do something right, must save the world, can't let Vepar do anything more that will destroy us, destroy us aaaaalllllll..."
—Zagan to BoB the Jaguar

Zagan was a mage and one of the Masters of the Magestar. He raised concerns over using the fire elemental against Graves Hall but eventually relented. The psychic backlash of all the deaths caused by the elemental's rampage affected him deeply, however, and eventually drove him insane. He managed to regain a little bit of sanity and helped BoB the Jaguar, Marcus Sarillius and others flee from the mage school, but was caught by Masters Vepar and Raum who executed him messily and showed his remains to the rest of the masters to intimidate them into following them. Seeing Zagan's corpse was too much, however, and the masters eventually rebelled and drove away the renegade masters, thus restoring peace to the Magestar once more.

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