Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Southern Libaterra
Size Small town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Elvish, Sarquil
Race(s) Humans, Elves
Ethnic group(s) Sarquil, Desert Elves
Religion(s) Old Ways
Political Information
Government Sheikhdom
Ruler(s) Sheikha Karima al-Nassar
Faction(s) Sultanate of Karaganda (until 1017 AE), Northern Horde (since 1017 AE)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Yunefas is an extremely small settlement just fortified on Harvor Island. It was set up by more peace-loving Sarquil who wished to take their lives away from the continent where the Libaterran Civil War onced raged. Its ruling tribe was Yune (pronounced: Yoo-nee) until the events of the Rose of the Desert, and it has since been led by the Nassar tribe, most recently Sheikha Karima al-Nassar.

The town is currently occupied by the Northern Horde.

Contains: Market, public house, school, healing worker, Temple of Faith, Monuments, Tents, Underground well.

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