Yggdrasil was the first World Tree, or Tree of Life, located on the Isle of Yggdrasil.

It was tainted from Death's influence via the murder of the priestess Inari Okami on its roots in the First Age, and the symptoms grew worse when Mardük was sealed in his prison in a neighbouring land. The Silver Branch, the last untainted part of the Tree, was cut from Yggdrasil and was entrusted to the care of the Silverbranch line of mages who would find a wielder for it in hopes of making an ancient prophecy of restoring the World Tree to its former glory true.

Centuries passed, and at the end of the Great War in the Third Age, Geraud Aurelac, the chosen wielder, transferred his and Grady Silverbranch's lifeforce into the Silver Branch at the heart of the Cursed Earth of Yamato to plant it into the ground and cause it to grow into a second, purified World Tree which would be known as the Silverbranch Tree.

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