Status: Alive
Age: 123
Race: Sirithai
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age

Oldblood Xolkai of the Claw is the military leader of the Sirithai. He is the right hand and son of Tlatoani Qadohi and brother of Ixtli. He is a ferocious warrior who does anything he can to protect his people and the Clergy of Shakkan in the time of peril. After the Battle of Vanna, he has become an emissary of the Sirithai and accompanies the Grand Alliance on its journeys. He also participated in the Battle of Illunii alongside the Dresdens but since their return to Alent he has remained distant to his comrades.


Xolkai and his siblings were children of Tlatoani Qadohi, the spiritual leader of the Sirithai. They all served Shakkan until they were put to sleep by Nergal around the time of the War of the Andain.

The Sirithai woke up underneath Lutherin after the Cataclysm which had disrupted the curse Nergal had placed on them ages ago and, after a brief period of disorientation, instinctively headed back home which had now become desert where the Sarquil dwelled. At first a conflict arose between the Sirithai and the Sarquil until Sultana Razia al-Saif approached Qadohi directly to negotiate a tenuous peace.

This peace was quickly shattered by Adela al-Saif who defeated Razia some time later and became the new leader of the Sarquil. Adela and the Clergy of Artemicia began a campaign to unite the Sarquil tribes and also harrassed the Sirithai who responded brutally. Xolkai was tasked by Qadohi to alternatively slay or capture anyone who trespassed in the Bone Wastes, the heart of the Tronin Desert, where the Sirithai built their underground city Xibalba.

In the years following the Cataclysm, Xolkai became one of the military leaders of the Sirithai, always eager to slay humans. He showed no pity to any victim although all he wanted was to live without being harrassed by other races.

Early YearsEdit

Godslayer EraEdit

Tears of the SunEdit

"Stop this madness, all of you! We know nothing about each other, and yet we fight mindlessly? We're all better than this!"
"Interessssting words from a child of Nergal. Keep in mind, fool, you came into our territory. You attacked ussss. You exssspect us not to defend ourselves?"
"You're right. We have no right to come here and attack you, but keep in mind, you took our friends away!"
Vaetris Redfield and Xolkai

Sowing SeasonEdit

"I've already sent Xolkai back to our nest in the desert to alert the remaining Sirithai. It'll take a while before they can bring reinforcements here, though, so we'll have to do with the forces we currently have for the time being."
—Qadohi to Khalid al-Saif about Xolkai

Devourer's ReachEdit

"I would not do this if I were you."
"It could save both our people."
—Xolkai and Azriel al-Zarar about freeing a sand elemental

The Point of No ReturnEdit

"Arrogance will be a warrior's ultimate downfall. Arrogance, and refusal to change. Our lord Shakkan has adapted, your lord Nergal has not. That is the difference. That is what matters to us in the end."
—Xolkai to a cleric of Nergal

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Fool's ErrandEdit

"I didn't know your lizardfolk had pastimes like singing, let alone any song tradition."
"You thought the Sirithai were only interested in killing, and that's exactly the kind of lies which Adela and her dogs of Artemicia used to stir the Sarquil against us. If it weren't for the Godslayer and the Grand Alliance's actions, my people and Lord Shakkan would still be asleep under the dark gods' influence, forever cursed to live in imprisonment. All we wanted was to live our lives in our home, singing the Songs of Ages, but Adela made that impossible, forcing us to retaliate...until the Alliance and the new Sultana Axikasha Keiran proved to us that not all humans were corrupt."
—Razoul and Xolkai

Defiler's TouchEdit

"I suppose we should've been more considerate, but we've been through quite a lot, so I hope you can forgive our sloppiness. Saving the world from an impending demon invasion can be quite stressful, you see."
"A wise-cracking Sirithai? Now I've seen everything!"
—Xolkai and Khalid al-Saif

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Xolkai's title while he's acting as the emissary of his race outside the desert.
Xolkai's title as the senior commanding officer of the Sirithai strike force.


Scaly skin with greyish colour. Intelligent blue eyes. Sharp teeth and long snout. Clad in desert clothing to cover up his appearance.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Fierce, determined, cunning and yet has a softer, more poetic side which complements his warrior side.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A skilled warrior who can burrow in sand and use shadows to remain unseen.



Xolkai hasn't seen his sister Ixtli in a while but is fond of her.


Xolkai respects his mother Qadohi and follows her advice.

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