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Xar Daeon
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Wailing City
Type Settlement
Region High Plane
Size Small city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Gods
Religion(s) Mardük
Political Information
Government Theocracy
Ruler(s) Mardük
Faction(s) Clergy of Mardük
Historical Information
"Beneath lies the Mirror of Truth. Within, you will find a reflection of the Wailing City from which the demons draw their power--the City of Xar Daeon."
"Mardük's home."
"No longer. It lies empty now, populated only by the shadows of our Lord's madness. It is not possible for mortals to travel there physically, but from within the shadow of the Wailing City, the real thing can be influenced. You must venture therein, and attempt to withdraw the demons' regenerative power. While you do this, we will mount a full-scale assault on Vulpengaard Keep. If you fail, we will perish together--but if you succeed, some light can be returned to this world."
Alathor and Khasra III

Xar Daeon, the Wailing City, is a city located in the High Plane. It belonged to Mardük before he died. The city could actually voice its thoughts and longed for a new master. Khasra III visited a shadow of the city through the Mirror of Truth during the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep and defeated the shade of Hob. This allowed Khasra to remind Xar Daeon of what it had once stood for, but only a new master could truly enter and redeem the city.


Golden Years[]

"A shining city. White spires reached towards the heavens. The streets thronged with vibrant, laughing people. In the center stood an alabaster citadel. Khasra thought the design looked quite similar to the Citadel of Maar Sul. Oh, but it's the other way around. Xar Daeon was first. Kagetsu copied this."
—Khasra III about the vision of a past Xar Daeon

Xar Daeon was a shining city of tall, white spires built by Mardük, the God of Chaos, in the High Plane. The Citadel of Xar Daeon was its central feature. The city was designed like a great wagon wheel, with its major streets all leading directly to the alabaster Citadel like spokes. Its design influenced Mardük's Andain son Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul who later based Maar Sul City, the capital of Maar Sul, on it.

Taint of Madness[]

"The sky darkened and turned red. An agonized roar erupted from the Citadel, and a miasma spread out through the city. Where it struck, people screamed and fell, and moved no more. This...this was the madness that Kagetsu caused. Soon, shades roamed the streets, wailing in grief. The Citadel was engulfed in a sheen of rage."
—Khasra III about the present state of Xar Daeon

The golden years of Xar Daeon came to an end when Kagetsu's actions caused the death of the goddess Gaea and led to the War of the Andain. Kagetsu's betrayal weighed heavily on Mardük's mind and it, along with other factors, eventually led the God of Chaos towards a dark path. This change was reflected on Xar Daeon as well as it followed its master's descent to madness and became a twisted version of its once shining self. Hob, one of Mardük's disciples, became the guardian of Xar Daeon which would henceforth be known as the Wailing City.

Xar Daeon became plagued by shadows of madness and turned even worse after Mardük's demise in the Cataclysm. For over ten years, the city wailed for its master while demons, Mardük's former servants, drew regeneration powers from the city's corrupted magic.

Restoring Hope[]

"Well, if the demons can't regenerate anymore--"
"They are still drawing power from Xar Daeon, just not as much. The Paladin has reminded the Wailing City of what it once stood for, but he has not redeemed it. Only a new Master can accomplish that."
Steve and Alathor

Khasra III arrived at the shadowy reflection of Xar Daeon during the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep. He fought against the shade of Hob and eventually prevailed, and his determination inspired the shadow of the city and gave it hope while also weakening the demons' powers. However, the Wailing City was not yet fully redeemed as mortals couldn't travel to the High Plane itself and could only influence a shadow of the actual city. Only a new master, a god the city would recognize as its own, could truly redeem Xar Daeon and restore light to darkness.


Xar Daeon used to be a beautiful celestial city during its golden years. It had many shining, alabaster spires which gave it a heavenly glow until the glow became tainted due to its old master's descent into madness.

The Citadel of Xar Daeon is its central feature. The city is designed like a great wagon wheel, with its major streets all leading directly to the Citadel like spokes.

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