Wyvern of Ridgefort
Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Wyvern
Gender: Male
Class: Wyvern
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age

The Wyvern of Ridgefort was an old, black-scaled wyvern which hunted near the southern part of the Ranger's Despair mountain range in Libaterra during the Second Great War. He had grown bolder over time and was drawn to carcasses left on nearby battlefields as well as the wildlife which had been startled by the Crimson Coalition's army passing through the area. The wyvern was getting dangerously close to Ridgefort in the early winter of 1017 AE during one of his hunts and came to blows with the paladins Bertram Darasson, Drake Brissom and Osmond Cordae Locke who were defending their home town. After a fierce battle that lasted through the night, the paladins eventually slew the wyvern near Ridgefort, and the wyvern's meat was used in Ridgefort's Winter Festival.

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