Basic Information
Creator deity Shakkan
Type(s) Beast
Lifespan Unknown
Language(s) Unknown
Height Tall
Weight Medium
Skin color Grey
Distinctions Winged lizards, smaller and less magical than dragons
Historical Information

Wyverns are large winged lizards with sharp teeth and a stinging tail. They are sometimes confused for younger dragons but actually are the dragons' more feral, weaker and less magical counterpart.


Wyverns have grey scales. The lighter the grey, the younger or less-well-fed the wyvern is. Each wyvern's color also has a subtle but distinctive pattern to it, unique to each of them.

They are larger than any human and have two hind legs they stand on, combined with the more serpentine head and sleeker form. The forearms of their wings have what looks like a single bone running their length. The edge of it is sharp, as sharp and durable as any blade, and is the wyvern's main weapon with which it can rend its foes in twain as it flies by at high speeds.

Notable wyvernsEdit

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