Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Will-o'-the-wisp
Type(s) Magical creature
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Throughout Land of the Living (All Ages)
Height Small
Weight Light
Distinctions Semi-sentient ball of light, drawn to magic
Historical Information

Wisps are small, semi-sentient balls of light which dwell in remote locations throughout the world and are drawn to magical places of power and even people with a gift for magic. They appear relatively harmless at first glance but can defend themselves with tentacles of light if they're disturbed. Some stories claim that wisps may lead adventurers astray in swamps and forests while guarding great treasure although these rumours haven't been confirmed. It's a hypothesis among some mages that wisps might come into existence and live off of mana so they need to constantly replenish themselves with magic or they'll fade away.

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