This article is about a bird. For the settlement, see Windshii.
Basic Information
Alternative name(s)
  • Gweashii
  • Wind's Mate
Type(s) Beast
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Libaterra (Third Age)
Height Small
Weight Small
Distinctions Birds who follow the winds and said to be heralds of wind-related disasters.
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Windshii, formally known as Gweashii, is a bird that is said to be in love with the wind. Gwea being Elvish and meaning "Wind" and Shii meaning "Mate", together make it the Wind's Mate. It got its old name from the fact that it would ride the first wind it came in contact with until that wind died, it got hungry, or it got tired. The birds mainly travel on the high speed winds, this however can cause them to get stuck in the flow. This is the reason for their reputation of being heralds of wind-related disasters. The elven town of Windshii is named after these birds.

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