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This article is about the Weird Sisters. For a nymph sharing one of their names, see Angitia.
"Only those who are lost approach the Weird Sisters, animals included."
Beira about the Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters, also known as Sisters of Parnassus, are what appear to be three wise yet seemingly insane elven witches who are also siblings and members of the Red Sun Coven. They live in Trinity Gask and are obsessed with anything related to the number Three, going so far as to answer only to groups of three people--which can include actual people and animals--if anyone should come to seek their counsel. They're a neutral force, willing to aid hero and villain alike for the right price...which can randomly be anything from a worthless rock on the ground to a bag full of valuable coins...but the price will always hold some value to the person giving it to them. They often adopt the guise of Maiden, Mother and Crone but they hold ageless elven beauty beneath this facade, which make some speculate they could even have a Faerfolc connection or even be Faerfolc in disguise.

They own a wagon which can be turned into a stage and which holds a magical mirror within. This is what the Sisters refer to as the "Imaginarium of Parnassus" because it can, according to them, turn one's dreams and desires real and take people where they need to go even if those people don't know their true desires at the time.

The sisters helped the Fellowship of Hidefall enter Malperdy through the mirror but not before they forced them to give up something they hold dear as a fee of entry. They later conversed with members of the Red Sun about the recent developments in the Coven's plan and helped provide Arcturius and Beira with answers to the questions they were seeking.

The Sisters[]

  • Angitia Parnassus
  • Circe Parnassus
  • Medea Parnassus

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