This article is about an eldritch being. For other uses, see Watcher.
Watcher in Darkness
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Primordial
Gender: It
Class: Eldritch Abomination
Nation: Void
Faction: Starspawn
Era: Third Age

The Watcher in Darkness, or the Watcher, is an eldritch being of Darkness and master of the Starspawn. It was trapped in an interdimensional prison by the gods in the dawn of time and has since then tried to break free, using the Starspawn and the Cult of the Watcher to do its bidding. It lends power to ambitious mages and in exchange claims their lifeforce and souls, thus weakening its prison little by little. In 1017 AE an Aspect of the Watcher was released into the Land of the Living in the form of a smelly old man thanks to the meddling of Razravkar Dominus who had invoked the Watcher's power through the use of the Anathemic Sundering spell and had thus weakened the seal of its prison. The Watcher in Darkness is diametrically opposed to its fellow primordial that is known as the Essence in Light.

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Ancient Darkness
What it is called.

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