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War of the Gods
Date Mists of Time
Location Land of the Living
Result Truce
Gods and various races Gods and various races
Various Various
"Hurriedly, he sifted through the book, trying to find any information on what would happen if an inimical being were helped through the rift, as Leon himself had been helped. If such a person were to return to the world, they would have the power to command the armies of the night. Creatures of horror that had been called forth from Hell during ancient wars between Gods, and since forgotten and dismissed as myth by the descendants of the living. Daemons, ogres, trolls, the undead..."
Leon Alcibiates about the creatures used in the War of the Gods

The War of the Gods was the first conflict that took place in the Land of the Living after the Void War but long before recorded history. It was fought between the still young gods over whose faith was superior to others despite All-Mother Gaea's pleas to stop the war. They unleashed several horrors to fight in their name and even fought directly against one another, ravaging the Land of the Living in the process.

The gods Mardük, Paedün and Thoth ultimately grew tired of the conflict and fled to the Demon Realm, which would set in motion a series of unfortunate events which would culminate in the Battle of Mount Purgatory and Thoth's fall to the Nameless Shadow. The War of the Gods eventually came to an end through the loss of their brother, and the gods swore an oath to never fight in the godflesh in the Land of the Living again. However, they would end up circumventing this rule by using mortal races to fight their wars for them instead, so academics argue that actually the War of the Gods has never fully ended and has simply continued in different forms throughout the ages.

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