Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Wolf Pack
Title of leader Commander
Geographic Information
Member races Humans
Members 4
Allies Mullencamp
Enemies Demons, Grand Alliance, Magicracy of Alent
Historical Information
"Where the Vulfsatz strike, none live to tell the tale."
—An old saying

The Vulfsatz, lit. Wolf Pack, is a group of four elite Mullencamp assassins employed by whoever has held the title of Master Losstarot at the time. They are the best of the best, even better than S-Class Mullencamp. When all four Vulfsatz operate together, their prey will not live for long. Their history goes all the way back to the Second Age, and their Third Age and Fourth Age incarnations followed the traditions set by the original Vulfsatz.


Second AgeEdit

The original Vulfsatz were four members of S-Class Mullencamp who were handpicked by their master Arawn Losstarot for covert assassination missions. They made their first public appearance in Palanthas, the capital of the the kingdom of Augustia, and participated in the Arawn Losstarot War by slaying the last descendant of Alent whose presence Arawn had deemed a threat. The Vulfsatz were frightfully efficient, killing off several commanders, politicians and otherwise influential people to help weaken other kingdoms so Arawn could take over.

When Arawn was killed in the Explosion, the surviving Mullencamp went into hiding, and the Vulfsatz faded from view and became legends and the subject matter of stories which several mothers used to scare their people into behaving by claiming that the Vulfsatz would snatch any naughty child in their sharp claws and ride away into the night.

Third AgeEdit

After the Cataclysm, Arawn's descendant Glaurung Losstarot took over in the power vacuum which had been left in Western Libaterra, aided by a new generation of Mullencamp who had kept watch for the return of the heir of Losstarot. To honour the tradition which Arawn had begun, Glaurung also chose four members from the S-Class Mullencamp to become the new incarnation of the Vulfsatz. Unlike Arawn's Vulfsatz, this new incarnation also included an elven member to signify that Glaurung wasn't an elf-hater like Arawn had been and instead wished to treat all races equally in her domain.

Glaurung also made the Vulfsatz train her son Hannibal Losstarot in espionage and the art of war, wanting to prepare her son to become her heir when the time was right. After the kidnappings of first Hannibal and then Glaurung, the Vulfsatz have been tracking their masters down while hampering the plans of the Grand Alliance and the Magicracy of Alent.

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Third AgeEdit

Fourth AgeEdit

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