Void horror
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) The Lost Ones
Type(s) Otherworldly humanoid, beast
Lifespan Unknown
Region(s) Void
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Skin color Varies
Hair color Varies
Distinctions Beings who have changed due to prolonged exposure to the Void
Historical Information

Void horrors are beings who have lost themselves into the Void and turned into horrific monstrosities who now roam in the Void attacking any who come in their path. The Sinlarine who travel through the Void and are used to its power are especially susceptible to turning into void horrors if they lose their way in the Void.



Little is known of the void horrors as only the Sinlarine have knowledge of the Void. Based on what little evidence have been found it has turned out that the void horrors weren't always the monstrosities they currently are. Some were Sinlarine who lost themselves in the Void and were slowly turned by its power into horrific mockeries of their former selves. Some have been trapped roaming in the Void for centuries if not millennia.

Third AgeEdit

A Crimson Coalition-affiliated party led by Axikasha Keiran encountered a humanoid void horror while traversing through the Void to Alent prior to the Battle of Alent. After a fierce battle, the party managed to best the horror, and Ax discovered that it had been clutching an ancient Sinlarine dagger in its claws, which indicated that the horror must've been a Sinlarine who had lost his way in the Void.


"Long, matted hair hung to its waist, and sharp claws curved from its fingertips to scrape the ground menacingly. Its mouth split open into what might have been a smile, but it was a terrifying mess of small, pointed teeth and red lips that stretched far too wide. Where its eyes should have been, black pits were held open by what appeared to be barbed straps of leather."
—Description of a humanoid void horror

The appearances of void horrors varies but the one common thing that can be said about them is that they barely resemble the beings they once were and now look like horrific monstrosities instead as they've lost their identity and sanity.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Having lost themselves into the Void, the void horrors become nothing but chaotic, bloodthirsty monsters who attack anything in their path.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Void horrors are very powerful, channeling the Void through their bodies, and can take on multiple opponents at once. They can feel pain but are undeterred when they are on the hunt. Their blood is acidic, burning away anything it touches.


They attack anything and everything they find in the Void. This likely includes other void horrors but there isn't enough evidence to prove or disprove this claim since little is known about them.

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