Void War
Date Mists of Time
Location Void
Result Gods' victory
Gods Dwellers Starspawn
Gaea Essence in Light (POW) Watcher in Darkness (POW)

The Void War was a three-way conflict between the gods and the rival eldritch primordials known as the Essence in Light and the Watcher in Darkness which had inhabited the Cosmos before the gods' arrival. The gods fought to protect the Land of the Living, Allmother Gaea's creation, from the ravenous primordials and ultimately sealed the two eldritch beings into an interdimensionary prison after a series of battles in the Void. The gods' victory led to them focusing their attention on nurturing life on the Land of the Living, populating it with various races and creatures, but this attention ultimately led to schisms between the gods who followed different ideologies, which then led to the War of the Gods.

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