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Geographic Information
Alias(es) Ghost Paths
Region(s) In-between realm
Societal Information
Race(s) Spirits, Sinlarine (occasionally)
"A world between worlds, a supernatural miasma traveled by only the Sinlarine and the dead. Sentry duty on the ghost paths was important and dangerous work when it came to revenants, proto-elementals, and other such supernatural creatures wandering the mists. But when it came to space parallel to that of occupied cities, the monsters were pretty much driven off by the noise of the psychic echoes of the inhabitants."
—Musings on the Void

The Void is an unknown realm which only the most obscure legends and tomes speak of. Some say that spirits who are stuck between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead end up in the Void. Others claim that it is the home of neutral powers which keep various other realms in check. A third legend suggests that various shadows are born from the Void and that it is the source of shadow magic or even all magic.

The Sinlarine know how to travel through this dimension to reach distant locations via ghost paths although it's not without risk because some stray spirits, proto-elementals and eldritch monsters also wander in the same realm.

It is believed by some scholars that the Void connects all the realms together and is itself an in-between realm.

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