"I am what I am: the embodiment of what is to come and what will always come after a given time. Our conversation happened because it happened; you were struck by the hand of heavens, thus granting a link with me for now...but it will fade in time, and when that is done, I'll return to oblivion..."
"The lightning bolt...when it hit me, I heard your voice not long after. What do you hope to gain from this...test?"
"To see who you really are. I've been entrusted to you, and I intend to see beyond the flesh...beyond the present...into your heart, to see whether you'll survive what is to come."
—The Voice of Lightning and Erikur Spald

The Voice of Lightning is a voice projected by what seems to be an entity of some kind whose essence and power resides in the Eye of Lightning, one of the Eyes of the Storm. It appeared to have lain dormant until it finally made contact with Erikur Spald, who was carrying the Eye of Lightning in his bag, when Erikur was hit by lightning while standing on the hill of the Temple of Storms during a stormy night.

The Voice mentioned the Stormborn, which made Erikur curious enough to dig deeper to learn anything he could about the Stormborn and to figure out if the Voice contacted him for a reason.

The Voice speaks in a detached tone when mentioning the suffering of others and keeps providing dilemmas which are not easily solved. Its words have made Erikur make choices which have resulted in bloodshed and increased gnawing uncertainty in his mind about whether his actions have been justified or not.

The nature, history, goals and identity of the Voice of Lightning remain shrouded in mystery although the Dwarven Triad, Mullencamp and Totenkopfs seem to know about something relating to it and the power lingering within the Eyes of the Storm. The lyrics of the Lament of the Stormborn also seem to hint at the mystery behind the Eyes of the Storm and the powers that dwell within them.

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