Status: Alive
Age: 10
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Andaria
Era: Fourth Age

Vesna is the daughter of Abyzou and sister of Vesnik. The family lives in the slums of the Imperial City in Andaria in the Fourth Age. After sneaking out to check up on the Anomaly, Vesnik was affected by its magic and received increasingly painful symptoms some time later, so much so that Vesna stopped Confessor Unithien Earthhaven's entourage and pleaded her to cure him only to be saved from trampling by Farah Sand. Vesna witnessed Vesnik being cured, or at least the symptoms being sealed away, by the combined efforts of Lucius Locke, Raymond and Stylianos Kinley. She also saw Vesnik being taken away by Ruby Legion authorities afterwards due to the potential risk the boy posed to the city, which made her determined to seek help to save him.

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