In the Third Age.
Status: Alive
Age: 34
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Class: Black Mage
"It's not fair! I never get any of the men first! I always have to make do with my sister's castoffs! Just once--once! I thought I'd get a man of my own! And you were such a good mage too!"
—Vani to Razravkar Dominus

Vani is a decurion of the Emerald Legion and sister of Vahista. She is responsible for the security of the Nymphaeum Baths of the Imperial City in Andaria in the Fourth Age. In the Third Age she was one of the "children" of Jahi Gallu who lived in the Threshold district in Alent. She tried to seduce and eat Razravkar Dominus but ended up talking to him instead after Razravkar explained that she and her siblings were in fact being used by the Northern Horde to spread chaos in the city, after which she took him to meet with Jahi. She later tried to seduce Gabriel d'Zarnagon but failed. She was aided by Stylianos Kinley when Alentian forces assaulted Thresholders in the Raid on the Den of Chaos.

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