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Unnamed Evil
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Immortal
Gender: Unknown
Class: Immortal
Nation: Land of the Dead
Era: First Age
"The realm of the dead had come under attack by a nameless shadow, and the brothers were sent to counter this threat. And indeed, a dark shadow had fallen upon the dead lands, and in the very heart of death itself, they found an evil beyond imagining."
—From The Legend of the Three Brothers

The Unnamed Evil was a mysterious, sinister force which appeared in the Land of the Dead before recorded history. The gods Mardük, Paedün and Thoth tried to save the realm and defeat the Evil, but the Evil was too powerful for them to handle. Thoth sacrificed himself to save his brothers but ended up corrupted by the Evil and began calling himself Death. Knowledge of the battle was lost in time and was regarded as nothing more than a legend which demon storytellers still tell by the campfire to their kin.


Early Years[]

The origins of the Unnamed Evil, or Nameless Shadow, remain a mystery. It appears to be a force of what is described as pure evil, but considering the obscure tales which hardly anyone has heard of, all information that has been gathered on it can only lead to merely more speculation on what the Evil is and what it hopes to accomplish. It appears to be at least as old as the primordials known as the Essence in Light and the Watcher in Darkness but whether the Evil is connected to them or not is unknown.


The Unnamed Evil first became known when it assaulted the Land of the Dead, and news of this attack reached the gods who reacted by sending Mardük, Paedün and Thoth to defend the realm. After a lengthy struggle, the Evil eventually corrupted and fused with Thoth who proclaimed himself Death, and the two gods had no choice but to imprison their fallen brother--and the Evil within him--to the heart of the Land of the Dead where Death remains even to this day.

Later Developments[]

See: Death

Since his imprisonment, the entity Death has been subtly manipulating events behind the scenes for millennia with goals that remain unknown. The story of the birth of Death survived in a legend told as a campfire tale by demons to their kin.

Aliases and Nicknames[]

After the Unnamed Evil corrupted and took over Thoth.
Nameless Shadow
One of its many names.


Formless shadow. It's unclear based on stories whether it could shapeshift into different forms.

Personality and Traits[]

Bent on destroying, conquering or corrupting all in its path. Its thought patterns and what it hopes to accomplish with this or if it's simply acting on instinct remain a mystery.

Powers and Abilities[]

"Desperately the brothers fought, but they were no match for evil incarnate."
—A demon storyteller about the Unnamed Evil

What little survives in demon legends is that three powerful gods weren't able to defeat the Evil in combat, and ultimately two of them merely managed to imprison it after it had taken over the body of one of the gods.



The Unnamed Evil took over Thoth the Dreamweaver's body during their clash, and this combined entity became known as Death. They're both presently imprisoned in the heart of the Land of the Dead.

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