Undertide Forest
Geographic Information
Type Forest
Region Northwestern Libaterra
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Dwarven
Race(s) Dwarves, Humans
Ethnic group(s) Underfoot (formerly)
Political Information
Faction(s) Underfoot (formerly)
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Undertide Forest is a forest zone located in Northwestern Libaterra. It used to be the home of the Underfoot, a shorter Libaterran ethnic group of dwarves, until they were wiped out in the Faerfolc Rampage and the Cataclysm. Currently the former Underfoot town of Forgan has become a stopping point for all the wandering dwarves in Libaterra. Meanwhile the human town of Naokin views the dwarves of Forgan with more and more hostility due to a persistent belief that the Faerfolc invaded the forest because the Underfoot and the dwarves had somehow attracted them there.


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