"Well...this old man isn’t BONKERS, but our god is somewhere inside of him. I know this for sure because I was there when he was forced to enter the old man's body. This is something that only the kings of Monkey Land have ever known, but BONKERS was not always a god. He was the very first Boonana, Monkey Land's founder and first king. Mungo-Mungo the First wasn't visited by BONKERS and given the Unbent Banana, Mungo-Mungo the First found the Unbent Banana and became BONKERS. The religious texts were edited to hide the power the Unbent Banana possessed–-the power for its owner to become a god. Mungo-Mungo the First kept possession of it and he remained our god for over a thousand years. Around twenty years ago, however, when visiting Monkey Land, the Unbent Banana was stolen from BONKERS and as a result he became incredibly weak. He used the last remaining specks of his power to transfer his spirit into the weakest person he could find-–this old man. I thought he was dead until now."
Mungo XXXIII about Vauldorf Springer

The Unbent Banana is a magical banana which has been sought after by many monkeys as whoever held it would dictate the fate of Monkey Land and attain godhood. It is said that the banana is extra magical and never bends, hence the name.


According to the sacred monkey book, the Unbent Banana was first presented to Boonana, later known as Mungo the First Monkey King, during the Arawn Losstarot War by a supposed monkey god called BONKAS (or BONKERS) who told Boonana to hold onto the banana and never lose hope. Boonana survived the Explosion by clinging onto the Unbent Banana and later founded a kingdom called Monkey Land in what became known as Beryl Isle in Eastern Aison, uniting several primates such as baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas together. What only the descendants of the Monkey King knew was that the Unbent Banana also possessed the power to grant godhood to a person (whether by itself or not wasn't told) and that Boonana, the first Mungo, had actually become BONKERS instead of being visited by him.

However, years passed, and many of the kingdom's denizens began desiring the bananavfor themselves. Boonana's descendant, the Monkey King of the time, made it disappear in a desperate effort to keep stability in the kingdom although other stories tell that it was actually stolen. However, the banana's disappearance also had the side effect of weakening Monkey Land's power as well as the power of BONKERS, which allowed elven cultists to begin creeping into monkey territory and taking several monkeys prisoner, thus turning Monkey Land into a shadow of its former self.

Vauldorf Springer and Reno later met with Vizier Makoto who told them the story of the Unbent Banana and showed them a tablet which gave cryptic clues of how to locate the Unbent Banana. The Vizier asked the duo to locate the Unbent Banana before the evil monkey Chee-Chee could locate it. Whoever held the power of the Unbent Banana could force monkeys to submit under their will as well as potentially rise into godhood, so finding the artifact was of utmost importance, as the monkeys feared the time should Chee-Chee get his hands on the Banana.

Little was heard of what happened afterwards because the Yamatian Invasion of Aison caught everyone's attention.

How to Find the Unbent Banana

If the Unbent Banana is what you seek,
Be wary, as while the weak grow strong, the strong grow weak,
There is no path, directions there are none,
Just don't monkey around, pardon the crap pun,
It's not in a river, a lake or a brook,
At least it wasn't, last time I looked,
So to find what you seek, for all the Boonanas,
Don’t give up, and trust the bananas.

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