Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northern Libaterra
Size Small town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Political Information
Faction(s) Union Workers
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Ukrainia was a small town in Northern Libaterra, founded as an autonomous township shortly after the Cataclysm. It managed to remain independent during the expansion of the Magicracy of Alent's territory thanks in part to siding with the Union Workers thieves guild who protected the town in exchange for services and places to hide.

By the Second Great War, Ukrainia ended up targeted by Commissar Vladimir Putin who had driven the Union thieves from Etheril. The town refused to surrender the Union thieves hiding in their midst to the Crimson Coalition, so in retaliation Putin sent a Fraquid company led by Captain Canyatir Malufind to deal with the thieves and kill anyone who defended them. The conflict escalated quickly in early winter of 1017 AE when the townsfolk came to the targeted thieves' aid, which led to the Fraquid company massacring most of the townsfolk while also using their resistance as an excuse to pay the humans back for their mistreatment of Fraquid in the past.

Once the massacre ended, little was left of the once thriving town of Ukrainia and its population, and the Union thieves hiding in the town had also perished in a most violent manner. The Crimson Coalition had set a grim example to all of Libaterra about the fate that would befall anyone who protected enemies of the Coalition.

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