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The Tsèni Tournament is an important fighting event among the Sinlarine clans in Libaterra and a more aggressive counter to the more joyful Day of the Damned. It is a triathlon of sword fighting, archery and weapon finesse done in the Sinlarine way. Many people from all walks of life travel to see the annual Tsèni tournaments, as they are a great national spectacle which has endured even after the Cataclysm.

The winning clan may take over or absorb their pick of the losing clans or tribes, or the chieftain may select the losing chieftain's sons/daughters to marry into their family. Many Sinlarine still have an old set of values where tribes and clans merge into one another by way of marriage although some people from the younger Sinlarine generations have begun questioning the Old Ways and the importance of the Tsèni Tournament as a whole.


The Tsèni Tournament is a triathlon which consists of archery, sword fighting and weapon finesse. Although Sinlarine are the main participants, outsiders are allowed to join in although if they end up winning in any contest, they're not allowed to marry into Sinlarine clans unlike Sinlarine contestants would.


The archery contest consists of the use of a bow. Contestants shoot at targets from specific distances, starting nearby and then going farther back, with the participant with the least points dropping out each round. The contest continues until only four finalists are left, and the winner is the one who hits most bullseyes.

Sword Fighting[]

The swordfighting contest tests contestants' skills in the use of swords. Elaborate fights take place during which each contestant is graded based on their swordfighting moves as well as how many wounds they inflict on their opponent. After several rounds, two finalists will be left to compete, and the one who gets the highest points--or who defeats their opponent without a doubt--wins.

Weapon Finesse[]

The weapon finesse contest lets contestants compete in how well they can wield their chosen weapons. Although among Sinlarine this mostly means doing elaborate moves with their daggers, some contestants may show up with other weapons. Contestants are expected to perform dangerous moves elegantly. One known example is stabbing a table with a dagger while hitting the spaces between one's fingers faster and faster without actually piercing one's fingers in the process. The contestant who collects the most points wins.

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