"The True Cult has existed far longer--I do not know if the word "beginning" even has a meaning for them. The word "end" most certainly does, however, as that is their singular goal. The True Cult has no name, no roster. They merely are. They cannot be found. They cannot be defeated. I am not certain that they even exist in the sense that we understand the word. They have dabbled in the affairs of Losstarots and de Aurelacs, Thanadars and...well, Alentians. I thought our goals aligned for a brief time back then--freedom from the manacles of Cardia and his ilk. Little did I know that their concept of "freedom" and "paradise" differed so much from Mardük's vision as I later found out much to my horror..."
Richelieu about the True Cult

The True Cult, true name unknown, is an enigmatic, shadowy cabal centered on the worship of Death. It has appeared in the Land of the Living in various incarnations throughout millennia and has remained so obscure that very little information about it has been written down for posterity. It is said that the True Cult does not exist in a way mortals can comprehend and that is singular goal is the end of all things as it influences the worlds in the Cosmos for the Second Coming of Death.

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