A Trollmoot is a large gathering of trolls which takes place in Libaterra once every decade. Trolls from all around the Land of the Living migrate to the cavernous Halls of the Mountain King to meet relatives and exchange tales and other pieces of valuable information. Little else is known about these moots as trolls keep to themselves and haven't invited other races to take part in the gathering.


Trolls have always had clearly established 'packs' with certain hierarchies which are being followed. By the time the Third Age began, trolls lived in the mountains of a kingdom which became known as Libaterra. Although packs moved to and fro, they remained aware of their roots and returned to their home every decade in a grand meeting, Trollmoot, in Troldhaugen, the Halls of the Mountain King.

When the Cataclysm reshaped the Land of the Living and allowed land access to other nations in the process, several trolls crossed the borders of other nations in small packs, seeking out new places to live in as they were no longer isolated from the rest of the world by sea which had restricted their wanderings. Despite these sudden geographic changes which affected the packs, the tradition of Trollmoot remained, and packs made sure to return to the Halls of the Mountain King in time every decade as they had done before.

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