Status: Dead
Age: 21 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Monk
Nation: Yamato
Faction: Grand Alliance
Era: Third Age

Trexx was a monk from Yamato and ended up joining the Grand Alliance during the Great War. He was killed by Zarnagon during the slaughterfest known as the Second Battle of Myridia.


Early YearsEdit

Under the traning of Master Sandoval in Yamato, this young monk, Trexx, who was learned in Kempo, Tae kwon do and Jujitsu, travelled the world for adventure and pay. His past was a bit of a mystery, as his father killed his mother and then later killed himself, and from there on, he had been under the supervision of Master Sandoval, a mentor and an instructor.

Distreyd EraEdit

Trexx eventually met up with the Grand Alliance and decided to help them save Myridia from Yamatian invaders.


Trexx, like many heroes, confronted Zarnagon in the Dark Tower during the Second Battle of Myridia. Zarnagon kicked his ass, however, and killed him off for good.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What his enemies called him.


Height 5'11", wore black silk pants, very loose, with a white silk long sleeve shirt also. Had black hair, black eyes, a tan athletically built body, and walked around with no shoes. Average nose with a bit of a hook. He walked around with a leather backpack on his travels.

Personality and TraitsEdit

When let out into the world, he typically was a troublesome one who kept to himself, but rather got into many fights and brawls with men of high fighting experience and those with none. He was driven by the excitement of the battle and the tension that went along with it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He was skilled in martial arts.

Innate Ability: He could completely vanish from a battle (read: cloak himself) for a few seconds.



Trexx loved Sandoval dearly. They had passionate nights together until finally Sandoval chose a new pupil, thus forcing his former lover Trexx to leave.

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