Tower of Raistlin
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Tower of High Sorcery
Type Tower
Region Miletos
Political Information
Ruler(s) Raistlin II
Faction(s) Fellowship of Miletos
Historical Information
Age Second Age

The Tower of Raistlin was a magical tower built by Rhys Lain. It was located in the middle of a dark forest in Miletos, south of the dwarven mountains, and was shielded by several powerful wards to keep unwanted visitors away. Centuries after Rhys's passing a black mage managed to enter the tower and discovered Raistlin I's journal within it. This mage became known as Raistlin II, the new Lord of the Tower, who continued his predecessor's magical experiments.

After the Explosion, Miletos was shattered into an archipelago which became known as Yamato. The Tower of Raistlin was believed to have been destroyed during this calamity although efforts were made by the Clergy of Mardük to locate potentially magical locations and the ruins of the tower in the following centuries.

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