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Below is a timeline which contains a rough estimate of events that have occurred in tGA's verse.

Mists of Time[]

Gaea comes into being and gives birth to the gods. The Void War between the gods and the eldritch primordials, the Essence in Light and the Watcher in Darkness, rages on until the primordials are sealed into an interdimensionary prison.

The gods create the Land of the Living and populate it with various races, including faerfolc, dragons, giants and lefein. Gods end up clashing with one another, beginning the War of the Gods.

The god-brothers Mardük, Paedün and Thoth grow tired of the divine conflict and go explore the Cosmos, eventually ending up in the Demon Realm where they settle into and befriend the demons who call them Wolf, Tinker and Dreamweaver.

News of a strange shadow threatening the Land of the Dead reach the gods' ears, and they're all summoned to the High Plane to discuss the threat. Marduk, Paedün and Dreamweaver are sent to study the threat because they have the most knowledge about travelling between various planes of existence.

The three brothers locate the source of the threat, the Unnamed Evil, and end up fighting against it but cannot prevail. Dreamweaver sacrifices himself to buy his brothers some time and sends Mardük and Paedün to gather reinforcements so that the Evil can be defeated. None of the gods come to their aid, however, and Mardük and Paedün return to save their brother, only to see that they're too late as the Evil has already possessed Dreamweaver who is now calling himself Death. After a long battle, the brothers can do nothing but merely imprison Death into the heart of the realm and leave him there for all eternity.

Paedün and Mardük, shaken by the events they witnessed in the Land of the Dead, respond to the threat posed by Death in different ways. Paedün rallies his Lefein and begins building machines of war should Death ever be freed. Mardük decides to harness the dark power used by Death to make his demon followers stronger, but in the end the dark power twists demons into dark shadows of their former selves, giving rise to the demons. Demons begin telling tales of their god's origins, known as the Legend of the Three Brothers.

The War of the Gods ends as the gods mourn the loss of Thoth. The gods breed with various mortal races who give birth to demigods, also known as Andain, such as Kagetsu I (fathered by Mardük) and Taliesin (fathered by Cardia).

Foundation of Sul'gar Minh, the oldest known nation in the Land of the Living which rules the world for a while until its sudden and mysterious fall. The history of the nation is forgotten 100 years before the rise of Ancient Maar Sul.

Foundation of Barjassil, the second oldest nation.

First Age[]

The First Age began with the founding of Ancient Maar Sul and ended with the First Banishment of the demon lord Yurius.

The age witnessed great technological progress, including airships, warp gates and armors that granted flight. It also witnessed devastating wars against Kagetsu, the fallen god Mardük, the usurper regent Jemuel, the warlord Sydney Losstarot as well as a large-scale invasion of demons. By the end of the age the Floating Continent of Alent fell into the sea, and the god Paedün and the Lefein were sealed away, thus beginning the regression of technological advancement as Lefeinish and Alentish inventions faded from memory.

The Elder Races gave way to the Younger Races such as humans, elves and dwarves who populated the world although humanity would turn out to be the most enduring race of all, spreading the fastest and pushing elves and dwarves into isolated areas.

Maar Sul Genesis[]

0 MSG[]

Foundation of Ancient Maar Sul by Kagetsu Aurelac who is elected Lord of the Andain and who turns Maar Sul into a nation where all races can live in harmony. It marks the beginning of the Maar Sul Genesis (MSG) calendar as well as the beginning of recorded history in the Land of the Living.

The kingdoms of Maar Sul and Barjassil share the megacontinent, each one governing one side of the known world.

66 MSG[]

The dark dragon Frazzn'korth, swayed by Death's influence and whispers, starts terrorizing everyone and sways many dragons to his side. A group of sages from the Stormborn cult create the Dragon Diamond and seal the dragon's soul into it. However, the Kingdom of Dar'Cenrath, its people and the sages are destroyed in the process, and the Dragon Diamond is forgotten in the ruined city which is now known as the Ruined Kingdom. Before vanishing, the Stormborn leave behind other artifacts as well such as the Lebenslied and Totentanz tomes, Scepters of the Stormborn, and ruins built on top of places of power.

The archdemon Malakhia d'Zarnagon is betrayed by his wife Nhrakate d'Zarnagon and driven out of the Demon Realm into exile. Due to the shock caused by Frazzn'korth's sealing, Malakhia is able to cross over to the Land of the Living where he disguises himself a human, enters Barjassil and quickly gains favour in King Anshar's court, and becomes known as the Oracle.

69 MSG[]

Haruko Mizushima kills her kitsune mentor Inari Okami due to Death's manipulations, and Inari's death by murder ends up poisoning and weakening the core of the once pure Yggdrasil, the World Tree, which the kitsune have been protecting. Haruko escapes with her renegade lover Katsutoshi Kobayashi from the Grove and forms the Band of the Fox with Shark and Vulture, beginning a life of crime and deceit in Barjassil. Haruko meets the gods Laverna the Goddess of Thieves and Dionysus the God of Madness some time later and pledges herself to her, becoming Laverna's second high cleric after Katsutoshi.

70 MSG[]

Haruko has a brief fling with the Oracle which results in the birth of their halfbreed daughter Midori Mizushima who is forcibly taken from her to be raised as King Anshar's daughter as the future Crown Princess of Barjassil.

75 MSG[]

Haruko retrieves Midori and the Dragon Diamond from Barjassil, and they and the Band of the Fox flee from the pursuing Barjassil Royal Guard while Haruko tries to reconnect with Midori. In the pursuit which lasts for months, the group is wounded and has to leave Midori behind because she slows them down and endangers the whole group with her presence. The devastated Haruko has an argument over this fact with Katsutoshi, but they eventually reconcile which leads to Haruko getting pregnant with twins.

76 MSG[]

After having eluded pursuers for a year, Katsutoshi and Haruko (who is in later stages of pregnancy) grow suspicious that they may have a traitor in their group who is giving out their position to their adversaries. Eventually they discover the traitor to be Vulture who they injure fatally in the resulting skirmish.

When the Royal Guard led by Captain Gilgamesh and the Oracle show up once more to surround the Band of the Fox, it turns out that Vulture has in fact been framed by Shark who is the true traitor. Vulture uses his necromantic powers to summon his own ghost from beyond and battles the Royal Guard before his spiritual essence fades away, and Katsutoshi and Haruko use this distraction to flee to the Circle of Thorns to enact a plan by Laverna and Dionysus who then inhabit the couple's bodies.

Haruko and Katsutoshi end up sealed into magical cystals where they will slumber for millennia while Vulture's children, the Finian Clan, swear to find a way to free Haruko to fulfill the oath made by their father. Oracle, revealing himself as the demon Malakhia, gains the power of the Dragon Diamond until it backfires and makes him lose his memory while teleporting both him and the diamond away.

Shark returns to Barjassil with Gilgamesh to receive his title as a reward for betraying the Band and becomes known as Duke Koschei Dravaris. The Dragon Diamond is lost until it somehow finds it way back to the Ruined Kingdom.

80 MSG[]

King Anshar of Barjassil, having grown old and no longer able to produce heirs after Midori's disappearance, fears the growing power of the ambitious and ruthless Court of Judges and the now insane Gilgamesh who he knows will take over the kingdom once he is gone. In a desperate last ditch effort he contacts Kagetsu and asks him to annex Barjassil with Ancient Maar Sul, thus making sure that the judges', Gilgamesh's and Dravaris's plans will never be realized. Barjassil is annexed with Maar Sul soon after, officially making Maar Sul the greatest nation in the known world.

Gilgamesh, boosted by the powers he had received from Malakhia, kills the Court of Judges and ultimately tracks down and slays Anshar for ruining his plans by the time the annexation takes place. He wages a war against Maar Sul but eventually loses, ending up on a remote island where he is sealed into a magic crystal so that he can never again harm anyone.

87 MSG[]

Kagetsu is corrupted by Mardük's growing madness and by Death's subtle manipulations and declarates war on the gods. The War of the Andain begins. Gaea appears in the flesh to try to sway Kagetsu to stop fighting but Kagetsu slays her, proving to both mortals and gods that gods can be killed if they appear in the Land of the Living in their corporeal form.

194 MSG[]

Kagetsu casts the blessing of immortality on his wife Marya before he sends her away so that no harm will come to her. Kagetsu is betrayed by Amaranth and is defeated by Taliesin who seals him into a stone for defying the gods. The War of the Andain ends.

Taliesin is made the new Lord of the Andain, and he makes all Andain retreat into forests so that they will no longer interfere in mortal matters. Ancient Maar Sul falls after Kagetsu's imprisonment and because of Taliesin's declaration to purge any proof of Kagetsu's existence from the world.

The Faerfolc are sealed into Tes Pellaria and the Sirithai are sealed into the Underground Vaults by Nergal.

Mardük is driven mad by Kagetsu's betrayal, Death's whispers and the dark magic he's been dabbling with and begins amassing his demon armies in secret in order to eventually unleash them on the world.

Holy Year (HY) calendar begins.

Holy Year[]

1 HY[]

Rise of the Empire of Alent on the Floating Continent.

200 HY[]

Fall of the Empire of Alent.

Founding of Adlehyde, Cardia, Eblana, Nefarious and Zeal.

500 HY[]

Beginning of the first tGA RP.

Chaos Era calendar begins.

Chaos Era[]

1 CE[]

Mardük opens a portal to the Demon Realm and unleashes his demonic forces in a bid to take over the world. Chaos War begins, and the first Grand Alliance of mortals is formed to oppose Mardük. The Order of the Black Rose appears in public for the first time and sides with Mardük.

2 CE[]

Mardük is sealed into what becomes known as Mardük's Prison, and Chaos War ends. The Order of the Black Rose fades from public view into obscurity and is believed to have been destroyed.

Jemuel assassinates King Unne in secret and usurps power in Cardia in the resulting power vacuum. Raistlin I soon discovers Jemuel's treachery and rallies the forces of the Alliance to dethrone Jemuel. The Cardian War begins.

3 CE[]

Jemuel is killed by Raistlin I. The Cardian War ends, Raistlin I and Britton Leonhart are named co-Kings of Cardia, and King Renu of Nefarious dies in the aftermath.

Sydney Losstarot takes over Nefarious after a power struggle between various factions for Renu's vacant throne. Nefarious is renamed Lea Monde. The demon lord Yurius appears and becomes Sydney's top lieutenant. Sydney Losstarot War begins.

Raistlin I and Britt discover an ancient gateway to the Floating Continent of Alent and move the capital of Cardia there while the Alliance defends itself against Sydney's and Yurius's forces.

4 CE[]

Sydney is killed and Yurius goes on a roaring rampage of revenge with intentions to destroy the world. Raistlin I finds a spell with which he banishes Yurius to another plane of existence. The First Banishment causes a lot of destruction, and the floating continent of Alent falls to the sea and becomes a regular continent.

The Lefein and their god Paedün are sealed by Nergal after their growing technology is seen as a threat, and Daventhalas de Mont Hault is turned into a mute amnesiac for his defiance of the gods' will.

Founding of Augustia, Grandbell, Isaac, Manster, Miletos, Silecia, Thracia and Verdane.

Post Liberation calendar begins.

Second Age[]

The Second Age began with the First Banishment of Yurius and ended with the Explosion that concluded the Arawn Losstarot War.

The age witnessed the return of old evils like Yurius and Kagetsu as well as the Andain briefly becoming a more prominent force in the world since the First Age until their demise at the end of the age. The legacy of Sydney Losstarot continued through his descendant Arawn Losstarot who turned out to be the most significant threat to the world, eclipsing even Yurius and the shamanic mage Taro Ofuchi with the war he helped unleash. The forces of the Land of the Dead began influencing events in the shadows through the lich Drishnek, and an earlier variant of what became the Blood Fever would emerge for the first time. The two kingdoms of elves and dwarves crumbled at the end of the age, leading to several separate and smaller kingdoms by the Third Age.

Post Liberation[]

11 PL[]

Events of Descendants of Losstarot begin as the elderly Raistlin I hunts for the descendants of Sydney Losstarot whom Yurius prophecized to lead the world to ruin and to his return. Many descendants, such as Arnaud Lain, are slain but other family lines survive, and the hunt continues.

?? PL[]

Rhys Lain, Sydney's descendant who has been adopted by Marya Aurelac, kills Raistlin I who tries to apprehend him. He flees to serve in the military for a time.

?? PL[]

Rhys leaves the military and studies magic. He builds a Tower of High Sorcery in the middle of Miletos, leaving it to Raistlin I's successor as atonement for his crimes.

??? PL[]

Raistlin II discovers the tower Rhys left behind as well as all the magical artifacts and tomes within it, and takes over, thus fulfilling Rhys's prophecy. The tower becomes known as the Tower of Raistlin.

Arawn Losstarot born.

996 PL[]

Leon Alcibiates, Andain son of Artemicia, is born.

1024 PL[]

Leon begins travelling the world and ends up involved with the Ofuchi Usurpation plot. Taro Ofuchi and Drishnek are defeated by the Fellowship of Miletos led by Agarwaen and Raistlin II, but Hiroshi Hayabusa dies after he sacrifices himself to stop Ofuchi.

By abusing the Laws of the Andain while making a seemingly impossible oath for someone of his power level, Leon accidentally releases Kagetsu who is stuck in wolf form. Leon acts briefly as the apprentice of Taliesin until he grows disgusted by Taliesin having used him as a pawn and leaves him. Taliesin and Kagetsu's rivalry is sparked again, and the two constantly scheme against one another although don't dare to attack one another's forces yet after the Andain forces are split in two with one side supporting Kagetsu and the other side supporting Taliesin.

Daven constructs the memory crystal with help from Raistlin II and can thus finally keep his memories intact.

1025 PL[]

Kagetsu and Yurius team up in the Manster Rebellion. Yurius is sealed away the second time thanks to Raistlin II. Kagetsu retreats to Verdane, is reunited with Marya and founds the new Maar Sul.

Leon retreats to the Isle of Yggdrasil to study magic and increase his Andain powers to better help the world.

1026 PL[]

Raistlin II meets Arawn briefly during his journeys and returns back to his Tower, only to find out that Arawn is the descendant of Sydney. The Mullencamp find Arawn and take him away before Raistlin II can reach him again.

1029 PL[]

Arawn Losstarot reappears in public, this time having grown into a powerful sorcerer. He conquers Augustia with his Mullencamp army and the Vulfsatz. The other kings do not wish to act yet and let Arawn be, hoping to solve the conflict through diplomacy and because they don't see Arawn as a credible enough threat.

Arawn begins the invasion of other nations, and Arawn Losstarot War begins. Arawn captures and rapes Marya, forcing a war between the Alliance and Maar Sul by blackmailing Kagetsu, and kills Leon who tries to stop him.

Raistlin II saves Marya from Arawn's stronghold and makes Kagetsu join forces with the Alliance in exchange for Marya's safety.

The Alliance sends various strike teams to different locations to deal with multiple threats at the same time while the main Alliance and Maar Sul army focuses on Arawn. One group confronts Kagetsu's treacherous lieutenant Gordius Highwind who is being manipulated by Taliesin, while another group investigates a mystical pyramid-shaped object which seems to be spreading a strange mystical plague. Both threats are eventually neutralized.

Grandbell Civil War plot. Queen Adevia is defeated with help from the Silverbranch Brothers. Founding of Scundia as an independent nation under the rule of King Khasra I.

1030 PL[]

Marya gives birth to her and Arawn's bastard child, the first child of what becomes known as the Foundling line.

Arawn Losstarot War ends when Kagetsu sacrifices himself and the lives of all living Andain to kill Arawn, which leads to the Explosion. Kagetsu uses the last of his strength to sever the connection between gods and mortals and divides the powers of all the sacrificed Andain to mortals, thus ensuring that no Andain will be born anymore and that all mortals born after the Explosion will have Innate Abilities so the mortals can carry on Kagetsu's vision of an equal world with this power boost.

Marya gives birth to her and Kagetsu's legitimate child, Rhys Aurelac (named after Marya's original adoptive child Rhys Lain) and fades into obscurity.

Founding of Aison, Libaterra, Remon and Yamato. Scundia remains under Maar Sulais protection as Kagetsu's heirs, the House of Aurelac, want to prove to the world that they're not the same world-conquering types as Kagetsu himself was although the Maar Sulais still revere Kagetsu as a hero who saved the world in the end.

The line of Distreyd Thanadar, the cleric who aided Arawn Losstarot in the war, build Vulpengaard Keep and prepare the long-term plan to free Mardük from the prison where he has remained since the Chaos War. Distreyd Thanadar I steals Dokubaraken, Kagetsu's sword, thus beginning an intense rivalry over the ownership of the sword between Distreyd's and Kagetsu's descendants.

After Explosion (AE) calendar begins.

Third Age[]

After Explosion[]

?? AE[]

Agarwaen, who has become the King of Remon after the fall of Manster, dies without an heir. The nation becomes the Confederacy of Remon which is led by the Provisional Government which consists of the king's former advisors and local lords. Because there is no longer a strong central authority figure to keep people united under one banner, the humans, dwarves and elves of Remon each form their own autonomous zones, and distrust begins growing between the three races which the Clergy of Mardük is using to its advantage to keep the nation divided.

Malakhia d'Zarnagon regains his memories due to the aftereffects of the Explosion and travels around Remon in search of the Dragon Diamond, disguising himself as a human and assuming a new identity as Sir Cedric Malak.

The death of King Elrond Thracia, along with the reshaping of the world, leads to the fall of Thracia and a division of the House of Thracia as the king's son squabble for the right to rule. Prince Celen Thracia founds the Kingdom of Celenia in Libaterra, Prince Sindaros Thracia founds the Kingdom of Sindaros in Aison's Mori'Taure, and Prince Thylus Thracia founds the Kingdom of Thylus in Remon's Folsworth Woods. Some elves refuse to follow any of the princes and scatter around the world, eventually settling in various regions such as Falgorn, Traquine, and Tronin Desert.

Baal Locken begins an ambitious campaign of conquest and sets a base of operations in Reign, becoming the founding father of the Kingdom of Libaterra and the House of Locken and expanding the kingdom's borders.

974 AE[]

Events of Darkness Within begin. Omaroch d'Zarnagon appears in Remon and meets a bunch of good and bad people as he learns the ways of "lesser beings". He travels around the world and thwarts the plans of the Fire Lizards and the Order of the Black Rose who are searching for the Dragon Diamond. During this time he falls in love with Delora and marries her, which will eventually lead to the births of their two sons.

975 AE[]

Kareth d'Zarnagon born. Omaroch discovers that Sir Cedric Malak, the leader of the Fire Lizards, is in fact his archdemon father Malakhia who he thought had perished long ago.

982 AE[]

Omaroch and a bunch of heroes participate in the First Battle of Dar'Cenrath to thwart Malakhia's ambitions and seal the archdemon into the Dragon Diamond which they leave behind in the Ruined Kingdom. The god Heath dies in the aftermath of the battle, and Shakkan ends up sealed in the temple by Nergal as the diamond's guardian.

Refan d'Zarnagon born.

983 AE[]

Omaroch destroys the top brass of the Order of the Black Rose except for Belial de Ardyn and Koschei Dravaris who barely survive the encounter. Belial vows to hunt Omaroch down for slaying his brother Antigonus de Ardyn, but unbeknownst to both Antigonus has in fact survived albeit is now trapped in another plane of existence. Omaroch is captured by his demonic brothers while on the run from the surviving operatives of the Order and is taken back to the Demon Realm where he is tortured for years.

Events of Darkness Within end.

987 AE[]

Rogues led by Derak attack the d'Zarnagon home in Remonton under orders from the Clergy of Mardük. They rape and seemingly beat Delora to death and sell Kareth to slave traders. Sullena saves Refan and takes him to Ravensworth where he teaches him the Code of Thieves and initiates the young Refan to the Ravensworth Thieves' Guild.

Kareth is sold to the Clergy of Mardük. High Cleric Distreyd Thanadar XI takes Kareth under his wing and renames him Zarnagon.

Events of Rose of the Desert begin.

Libaterran Civil War begins between the Rebels and the Locken Loyalists.

997 AE[]

Zarnagon starts working with Frederic Drima and Jonathan Ferron and learns about the existence of the Dragon Diamond. The trio start searching for a person destined to use the diamond. Zarnagon meets the three Korath brothers (Egendaul, Firion and Maiyr) and begins manipulating them. Maiyr is transformed into the Beastmaster because of Zarnagon's meddling with magic and a strange plague known as the Blood Fever.

1000 AE[]

In Aison, agents sent by the Clergy of Nergal try to assassinate King Byron Kagawest in Myridia but fail. Marcus Sarillius receives Dusk from the cleric Schuldich Cedheros who instructs him to use the blade to thwart the ambitions of Mardük, the God of Chaos. Marcus defeats a fire elemental, but Graves Hall is destroyed in the process. Marcus later joins forces with Aisonian heroes led by BoB the Jaguar and they uncover an insidious plot within the ranks of the archmages in the Magestar and put an end to it by exposing the mage traitors who have been conspiring with Nergal's clergy.

In Libaterra, Rebel leader Mae Torazo is killed by Yoshimuriko who usurps her title. The Rebels begin to gain an advantage over the Locken Loyalists during the civil war and take over Lutherin. Artemicia kills Schuldich Cedheros and steals Dawn from Axikasha "Ax" Keiran and Queen Shyla Locken in Trinity Gask before the two women can figure out which one of them was meant to have the godblade. Hageoyaji d'Arioc sets up a drug store in Lutherin, beginning a profitable drug business on the continent.

In Remon, Leon Alcibiates is brought back to life as a revenant and is entrusted with the Silver Branch. He proceeds to Remon to find the destined bearer of the Silver Branch and joins Mori'sul Agara's party. They discover that racial tension between elves and men is growing in Remon and the Clergy of Mardük is fueling those flames. Meanwhile Zarnagon kidnaps Izael Korath and kills Sullena in Ravensworth while Refan barely survives the encounter. Refan starts tracking Zarnagon and Izael down and tries to steal the Dragon Diamond from them but ends up in Mori'sul Agara's party before he can catch up to the dark cleric. Omaroch, now brainwashed to be Mardük's obedient servant, reappears in Remon as an agent of the Demon Realm and starts observing both Refan and Zarnagon in secret to prepare them for their future role in the demon prophecy.

In Yamato, Distreyd Thanadar XII kills Distreyd Thanadar XI and becomes the next High Cleric of Mardük. Shogun Masamori Hyuga kills Emperor Takeshi Ofuchi during the First Battle of Kageshima and becomes the new head of state in Yamato. Distreyd XII and the Shogun ally and begin the Unification of Yamato. The last members of the Clergy of Hephaestus are slaughtered on Falgorn Island by Distreyd XII's Chaos Dwarves, which prompts Schuldich Cedheros to seek out wielders for Dusk and Dawn in Aison and Libaterra.

In Scundia, the Scuns are getting drunk like fack. In other words, business as usual. Nothing to see here, so just move along.

1001 AE[]

Yamatian Invasion begins. All countries except Aison are conquered by the Yamatian Army. Zarnagon becomes the right-hand man of Distreyd XII and is tasked to prepare Yamatian forces for the eventual invasion of the well-fortified Aison.

Mori'sul's fellowship breaks, and Mori'sul himself disappears in the following chaos while Dante Albrigant rises to power in Fragnar. Leon recruits Refan, Daven, Ferron and various other heroes in order to find a way to oppose the Yamatians, but their plans are thwarted by the sudden Yamatian Invasion. They decide to regroup later and gather like-minded individuals in order to have a big enough party to venture into dangerous territories which only Leon knows of.

1003 AE[]

Zarnagon, Richelieu and the Yamatian army invade Aison and take over Myridia. Admiral Yasuo Fukuda is killed and he is replaced by Varalia Earthhaven who keeps an eye on the clergy's actions on the Shogun's orders. The Great Purge begins in Aison as Zarnagon begins rooting out dissident forces and conspirators who threaten his regime.

Leon leads the fellowship he had gathered earlier into Tes Pellaria, and the spirit of Agarwaen states that Marcus Sarillius will become the next King of Remon. Everyone in Remon sees a vision of Marcus's coronation. The Faerfolc are released from Tes Pellaria due to the Fellowshi's actions and head for Libaterra. The Faerfolc Rampage begins as the Faerfolc slaughter hundreds of mortals in their bloodlust.

The Fellowship starts recruiting people and fights against Yamatians and clerics of Mardük in Remon. Dwarves join the Fellowship. The Fellowship defeats various villains during the Beastmaster Incident in Folsworth Woods. Elves join the Fellowship, and the Grand Alliance is officially formed under Marcus's leadership, having its first true battle against Yamatians in the Battle of Folsworth Woods. The Great War begins.

Leon nearly destroys all magic in the world during the First Battle of Remonton when he shatters a shard of Krystallopyr and realizes that his existence as a revenant is threatening the world.

After a bunch of battles Remon is liberated.

Jemuel is reborn in a clone with help from Drishnek and slowly recovers his memories. He murders Dante Albrigant in Remon, joins forces with Drishnek, Richelieu and Omaroch and flees with them to Libaterra to set Drishnek's plans in motion.

1004 AE[]

The Alliance heads for Maar Sul to depose the usurper Martin Struan with help from the exiled Maar Sulais princes Kagetsu II and Geraud Aurelac. The combined forces of Remon's Alliance and Kagetsu's Maar Sulais forces fight the First Battle of Maar Sul and win.

Kagetsu II is crowned the King of Maar Sul and sends the Delegation of Thirteen to negotiate an alliance with the Khitan Khanate. After repelling an attack from the mercenary group Fang, the delegates succeed in convincing the Khitans to aid in the campaign against Yamato.

The Alliance liberates Aison after the Second Battle of Myridia and rests a while before moving to Libaterra. During the battle Refan discovers that Zarnagon is in fact his brother Kareth and their clash was destined to help release Mardük from his prison. Refan flees in terror while Zarnagon, now knowing his true heritage, sides with Omaoch and leaves Aison with him.

The Master uses Drishnek's teachings to secretly form a small but growing death cult known as the Totenkopfs which the Alliance is too busy to notice while the Great War is raging on.

1005 AE[]

The Reactor Core Explosion occurs in Libaterra, and the Grand Alliance has to flee from the enraged populace when it turns out the Explosion was caused by the Alliance's Cricket Ball of Magic. The Alliance continues onward to Yamato.

Jemuel and his companions take control of the devastated Libaterra and rename the capital Alent. The Magicracy of Alent takes its first steps. Jahi Gallu and her band of demons side with Jemuel's posse and settle into Alent's Threshold district.

Alent pushes the Faerfolc to the Western Libaterran lands owned by the Rebels' sympathizers, which leads to devastation. The Faerfolc, after having satisfied their bloodlust, disappear into forests of their own accord. The Faerfolc Rampage ends.

1006 AE[]

Omaroch takes Kareth to the Ruined Kingdom to unleash the Dark Dragon Frazzn'korth, intending to use it to further Mardük's agenda. Kareth betrays Omaroch, however, revealing his true ambitions, and merges with the spirits of Frazzn'korth and Malakhia d'Zarnagon who he releases from the diamond and becomes the Godslayer.

The Cataclysm takes place when the Godslayer appears during the Second Battle of Kageshima in Yamato and devours the gods Cardia and Mardük. The Alliance's survivors flee from battle, and Marcus disappears in the aftermath.

The rampaging demons, who are now masterless after Mardük's death, take over the weakened Yamato and eventually divide the land between multiple powerful hordes led by Dukes and Duchesses. Eventually five duchies are formed.

Innate Abilities disappear. The Great War and the Cataclysm end.

1007 AE[]

Events of the Rose of the Desert end.

1016 AE[]

10 years after the Cataclysm, Andrei Pronin forms the Proninist Party and takes over Remonton before he moves his forces to Scundia, which falls thanks to help from Wolfsbane and forces the Scundian king Khasra III and the Scun Loyalists to exile in Maar Sul. Pronin begins a war of attrition against Maar Sul City.

Rhylian Loras and Dieter von Waldheim discover that the recent emergence of the Blood Fever, a disease fatal to elves, has deliberately been spread by the Totenkopfs, a sinister death cult led by the mysterious Master, Kamen Grimgaze. They meet and side with a motley crew of people which consists of Belial de Ardyn and Axikasha Keiran among others who have also had run-ins with the Totenkopfs and want to stop their schemes. They join forces with Marcus Sarillius and Shyralis, who have returned after years of absence, and save Remonton from an ice elemental which has been unleashed by the Totenkopfs but not before the Totenkopfs succeed in kidnapping Mordecai de Ardyn.

The release of the joint energy from Marcus's Dusk and Ax's Dawn during the battle in Remon also causes the opening of the Gate of Light in Aison which lets out the Dwellers who possess nearby people from the Grey Cult and turn Nicodemus Fowler into their spokesman. The Godslayer, while still recovering its strength, informs its High Prophet Xerathas d'Zarnagon of the threat of the Dwellers and instructs him to locate and steal Dawn and Dusk as soon as possible before Aison succumbs to the new menace.

Night of Blood takes place in Yamato as the four hordes scheme to depose the fifth, Central Horde, and send their respective Dreadlords and Dreadladies to assassinate the horde's Dreadlord Ronove Thanadar. Ronove seemingly plummets into the sea to a certain doom after the attack but survives despite being heavily wounded and becomes amnesiac as a result of the trauma. He is picked up by an Aisonian slave ship where he spends a few months until he escapes to the island of Delphi where he meets with Nesa Mikoto who helps him flee from his pursuers. Nesa and Ronove sail to Remon and eventually end up in Sanae where they spend the rest of the year as the elves' guest while studying the Blood Fever.

1017 AE[]

Spring 1017[]

Andrei Pronin fails to invade all of Maar Sul and is killed by Wolfsbane in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Maar Sul. Proninist Party elects General Boris Ivanov as its new Chairman and meet with the Totenkopfs who convince the Party to send a representative to Glaurung Losstarot.

Gerard Aurelac is crowned King of Maar Sul and sends the Fellowship of Maar Sul, led by Khasra III and Leon Alcibiates, to locate the Silverbranch Tree and find a way to purge the Blood Fever and thus aid Remon in its plight so that Remon can become strong enough and help Maar Sul in return.

Remonton is finally rebuilt, and representatives of elves, men and dwarves gather there to welcome King Marcus Sarillius back. The new Grand Alliance is formed under Marcus who appoints a new Stewards' Council to keep Remon safe while he'll lead the Alliance's army to Maar Sul to aid the kingdom against the remaining Proninists and discover what the Totenkopfs are up to. Ax returns, this time with her new faction, the Blades of Vigilance, and sides with Marcus.

Marcus is kidnapped the night before the march by the Grey Cult's strike team which consists of Xerathas d'Zarnagon, Varalia Earthhaven and the Shadow. The latter remains behind to act as fake Marcus in order to lure Ax and Dawn to the Ruined Kingdom where Xerathas and Varalia are waiting. Ax discovers that 'Marcus' is a fake and eventually defeats the Shadow with help from Refan and others. Ax gathers a strike team and leads them to rescue Marcus while the town fool Ronove is temporarily turned into a Marcus lookalike and put in charge of the army.

Steward Dylas Rin Theron refuses to side with Marcus and instead keeps his supporters, the White Ravens, in Ravensworth and begins plotting a coup behind the scenes as he slowly builds up his forces. He decides to bide his time until Marcus's army is gone so that no one can oppose his plans.

Ax's group saves Marcus from the kidnappers. Shakkan and Hephaestus possess the bodies of Mori'sul Agara and Ax to help Marcus fight against Nergal in the Second Battle of Dar'Cenrath. Mori'sul sacrifices himself to save the Alliance from Nergal. After the battle, Ax and Marcus become the first members of the Clergy of Hephaestus in over a decade.

The Shadow finally regains his memories in the Ruined Kingdom after his defeat at the hands of the Alliance and remembers his true identity Taliesin with help from Zenobia. He returns to Xerathas but doesn't reveal his true identity to him and willingly lets himself become captive of the Alliance along with Xerathas and Varalia as the groups reunite with the Alliance and reach Maar Sul.

Glaurung Losstarot's Rebels reach an agreement with the Proninist Party and the Totenkopfs and form the Crimson Coalition. Other factions such as Dark Elves and Clergy of Nergal soon join in too and turn the Coalition into a potent anti-Alliance faction. Totenkopfs kidnap Glaurung's son Hannibal Losstarot and frame Alent and Maar Sul for it, making the furious Glaurung declare war on both Alent and Maar Sul.

The Fellowship of Maar Sul witnesses the rise of the Crimson Coalition in Trinity Gask when Glaurung addresses her troops, and they barely escapes to Alent where Richelieu finally uncovers Drishnek's treachery. After a fierce battle, Khasra III and Richelieu's minion Ariadne kill Drishnek. The Fellowship, still suspicious of Jemuel's true allegiances after learning he had been influenced by Drishnek, flees to Yamato while they are being pursued by the Vulfsatz and Alentian forces. Unbeknownst to the Fellowship, Vulfsatz operative Gwydion has murdered their team member Mika Koskenkorva and is now posing as him to gather intel for the Coalition as an inside agent.

Thanks to the Fellowship's and Richelieu's actions in dealing with Drishek, Jemuel is finally freed of the Land of the Dead's influence and begins preparations for war against the Coalition. The first airship in millennia, Imperator, becomes operational thanks to Sydelius and his engineers who finally manage to combine ancient Alentian magics and Lefein technology.

The Fellowship of Maar Sul helps the Akai Tora and the Forgotten take over Vulpengaard Keep and weaken demons' powers in the Second Battle of Vulpengaard Keep. The Fellowship is framed by the undercover mole Gwydion for an attempted assassination of the Akai Tora Shogun Hiroshi Takamoto, but they are freed by agents from Alent and successfully locate the Silverbranch Tree where Steve finally recovers his memories and remembers that he is actually the reborn Despard Silverbranch.

After the Alliance's army has been welcomed to Maar Sul City, the Master of the Totenkopfs and two of his moles in the Alliance (Koschei Dravaris and Desdemona de Ardyn) murder Belial who has been getting too close to uncovering the truth about the Master's identity and the Totenkopfs' grand plan in his investigations. In the following funeral, Belial's companion Khalid al-Saif finds out that he is in fact Belial's son and has inherited his fortune, which upsets Desdemona who begins manipulating Marcus and later gets pregnant but not by him but by Mordecai de Ardyn while pretending that the child is Marcus's. Desdemona intends to guilt trip Marcus into marrying her, thus becoming queen and gaining power over Remon.

Marcus meets Xerathas in the Maar Sulais prison. Xerathas convinces him to side with him in order to break free from Shyralis's control, and replaces Marcus with one of the Shadow clones while Marcus disguises himself and gives himself the alias of Noche. Xerathas, Varalia and another Shadow clone kidnap Gerard and place the other Shadow clone as the fake Gerard while the real Gerard is turned into a wolf and named Lobo.

Khalid reveals himself as an exiled Emir from Vanna and claims to be the legitimate ruler of the Sultanate of Karaganda whose throne had been usurped by his aunt, Sultana Adela al-Saif. The Alliance decides to help Khalid but on the condition that as soon as he's risen to power, he'll make his people, the Sarquil, join the Alliance and help combat the threats to the world's safety. After liberating Jardine, the Alliance's strike team led by Ax boards the Hiltraud and sets sail to Libaterra.

Summer 1017[]

The Maar Sulais court discovers that their king Gerard is in fact a shadow clone, and the SAVAGE operatives quickly figure out that Xerathas must've kidnapped the real king. They mobilize their forces and meanwhile Gerard's girlfriend Elena Jeremy becomes the sovereign of the kingdom until Gerard's return.

While sailing to Libaterra, Ax's strike team is joined by the Fellowship of Maar Sul which teleports to their location from Yamato. The two groups realize their missions are intertwined and they travel together while the fellowship lets Ax's team know about the rise of the Crimson Coalition which will threaten the Alliance. The groups are also joined by Xerathas's group which has hidden itself onboard the ship; Ax decides to let them stay but tells her men to keep an eye on them.

The party journeys to Vanna and gets help from old and new acquaintances who include Jono Renfield and Azriel al-Zarar among others. When confronting Adela who turns out to be connected to the Clergy of Artemicia, Khalid and Xerathas are trapped in a magical hourglass by the goddess Artemicia who gives the party an ultimatum: they must venture into the desert and bring back the head of Qadohi, the leader of the Sirithai lizardfolk, within a week, or the two men will drown in sand.

After a journey through the desert and fighting against lizardfolk and the monstrous Plushiebunny, Ax manages to convice Qadohi and the god Shakkan, who turns out to have been behind recent Sirithai uprisings, to make the Sirithai side with them to oppose Adela and Artemicia together. Awar betrays the group and imprisons Shakkan into a shard of Krystallopyr but is caught by Azriel, who has received powers from what he believes is his ancestor Tronin but is actually Yurius in disguise. Yurius tries to manipulate Azriel and several other people around the world to weaken his interdimensional prison so that he can finally free himself.

The Alliance returns to Vanna, unaware that the Vulfsatz are tracking their Maar Sulais companions. Meanwhile The Three, mercenaries employed by the Coalition, ask Adela to join the Coalition while they help her frame the Alliance for poisoning Vanna's water supply to turn the population against them. Azriel uses his powers, which are derived from Yurius, to purify the well and rally the people behind him. He and the Alliance challenge Sultana Adela, Grand Vizier Iblis al-Djinn and Captain Razoul with help from the Sirithai and some disgruntled desert elf slaves and sheikhs who have grown tired of Adela's rule.

It turns out Iblis has been a demon working for the Southern Horde and has been manipulating Adela and Razoul all along. He goads Daventhalas de Mont Hault into destroying the magic stone in the palace of Vanna, which disables the magical shield around Vanna and now allows demons to finally invade the city and the desert en masse. Nesa, in an effort to save the injured Nalaen Silverpond, asks the gods for help, and the goddess Hivena answers; in exchange for Nalaen's life, she'll take Nesa with her, to which Nesa agrees and is whisked away.

A four-way battle between the Alliance, Adela's forces, Iblis's demons and the Vulfsatz takes place. Iblis and Awar flee, and Adela's forces and the Vulfsatz are captured. Xerathas, the Shadow clone and Varalia try to betray the Alliance but Marcus finally stands up against them and foils their plans, subduing Varalia in the process while Xerathas and the Shadow flee. Lobo is turned back to Gerard Aurelac, and Despard, who has injured himself in battle, decides to take the boy king back to Maar Sul.

Khalid is crowned the first male Sultan in a millennium and makes Ax his wife in a political move to keep the Sarquil tribes pacified although Ax only agrees because she knows the Alliance needs the Sarquil's aid. Ax is later assaulted by a mysterious figure in the city who steals Dawn from her and despite long searches no one can find the shrouded culprit or the sword.

A group of Alliance emissaries led by Dieter von Waldheim and Rhylian Loras is sent to Alent to negotiate with Jemuel and hopefully find a cure to the Blood Fever. While on their way to the city, Rhylian is visited by Hivena who taunts her and reveals that she has trapped Nesa before turning herself into her and vanishes. Hivena, posing as Rhylian, finally breaks Nesa emotionally and makes love to her, getting pregnant, and turns Nesa into her slave who will see to it that she'll give birth away from the other gods.

The Alliance discovers that the boy Adela had been keeping close by in the throne room earlier is actually none other than Hannibal Losstarot, son of Glaurung Losstarot, and they plan to use him as leverage against the Coalition. Jono disagrees using a child as a tool and busts Hannibal out of jail with help from Vaetris Redfield and Briss Phoenixheart who also frees Adela at the same time, and they flee to Trinity Gask to hand them over to the Coalition.

Iblis and Awar are intercepted by Dreadlord Leraje Thanadar and the army of the Northern Horde which has begun its Libaterran campaign. After Leraje learns Iblis's scheme to weaken Vanna, he kills him and decides to use this break in status quo to his advantage. Awar is imprisoned.

Duke Hepnaz of the South confronts Duke Malphas of the North and tries to take over the North via a coup, only to end up betrayed by his own underling who sheds her disguise and reveals herself as Nina Heeate L'andariel, Dreadlady of the East. Nina forces Malphas under a geas and has now made both the Southern and Northern Hordes the East's slaves to prepare for the return of her sister, the Duchess of the East.

Nightstalkers and the Matheson Crime Family begin a destructive turf war known as the Maar Sul Gang War. The war is in turn fueled by both the Totenkopfs and the mysterious Lieutenant X who turns out to be Lirado Qavennurrie, member of the Dark Elves, whose real objective has been to locate Tiyana Natiya for the exceptional powers she possesses. The gang war ends in the deaths of several people, and Lirado and Tiyana flee to Trinity Gask. While the gang war is going on, Galeras Matheson takes over Jardine from Amarawyn Jardine.

The True Aurelac faction takes over Port Dunross from the Proninists, and its leader is revealed to be Prince Geraden Aurelac, the long-lost cousin of King Gerard, who wishes to usurp the Maar Sulais throne for himself. However, this information is kept secret from the Loyalist-controlled Maar Sul for the time being.

One of the Shadow's clones returns to Remon in the guise of Marcus under orders from Xerathas. He and the Loyalists face Dylas Rin Theron who has decided to wage war with his White Ravens faction against Marcus for his political ambitions. The Loyalists and White Ravens fight over the capital in the Third Battle of Remonton during which the Shadow clone is destroyed.

Totenkopfs and Arbriel Conrad interfere with the Remonian civil war by releasing a new, deadlier variant of the Blood Fever on the battlefield. This new disease kills anyone who inhales it but also raises them as undead, and is dubbed the Plague of Undeath. Survivors from both Loyalists and White Ravens flee from the battlefield while the now undead Arbriel and the risen dead form the Wretched and assault any living thing in their hunger for flesh. Dylas goes missing in the aftermath of the battle, and several of his followers are captured, including Refan's wife Skye d'Zarnagon who is revealed to have survived Refan's manhunt from earlier.

Shyralis, now aware of Arbriel's role in releasing the plague, flees to Folsworth Woods where she saves Izael from execution. She then returns to Remonton with him and teams up with Adram Alek and Skye while they venture north to Fragnar to see if anyone survived the undead attacks there and if they can find a safe means to travel to Maar Sul to inform the Alliance about the outbreak. They secure Skye and Refan's son Gabriel d'Zarnagon whom they find in the city and manage to teleport away with the clerics' help just as the undead assault Fragnar.

Shyralis's group ends up teleported to Jardine where they meet up with Despard and Gerard who have recently gotten there and learn that Marcus is now in Vanna. They liberate Jardine and free Amarawyn with the help of a man who appears to be the resurrected Count Belial de Ardyn. The count joins Shyralis's expedition as they sail to Vanna while Despard takes Gerard back to Maar Sul City to deliver the news about the Plague of Undeath. One third of the Alliance's army returns to Remon to fight against the undead.

Nesa guards over Hivena who's accelerated her pregnancy and fled to the wilderness to give birth to what appears to be the first Andain child born after the Explosion. They're caught by Artemicia and Hephaestus, however, and Nesa abandons Hivena, who's weakened from giving birth, to the other gods in revenge for how she had used him to further her schemes. Hivena and her infant child are locked away to a far-away temple by Artemicia who puts them under a curse for defying the Pantheon's laws.

After delivering Hannibal and Adela to Trinity Gask, Briss rejoins with Tiyana who turns out to be pregnant with his child. He's approached by Kamelith, leader of the Dark Elves, and decides to join his ranks to keep Tiyana safe but also to spy on the Coalition and the Totenkopfs. Jono, Vaetris and Glaurung end up fighting against a demon pack led by Saleos who have come to collect a bounty on Jono's head. They subdue Saleos who's taken into custody.

Vaetris ambushes Glaurung not long after the battle with Saleos, revealing herself as the Duchess of the East. Jono tries to stop them, injuring the Duchess's lackey Signan Weinstein in the process, but is poisoned and vanishes into the Void due to the effects of the poison. Vaetris and her surviving lackeys flee with Glaurung whose disappearance prompts the Coalition Council to begin a search for her.

Dreadlord Leraje leads the Northern Horde to Vanna and besieges it. Ismail and several other defenders perish during the Battle of Vanna, but Azriel manages to even the odds when he's guided by Yurius to a trapped sand elemental whom he unleashes on the demons. The defenders lure Leraje into the city, hoping to defeat him there and thus lower the demons' morale, but Leraje nearly defeats them all.

Ronove, who ends up facing Leraje with others, receives trauma to the head and finally recovers from his amnesia, remembering that he's in fact Leraje's brother and a former Dreadlord under Omaroch. He defeats Leraje in combat but surprises everyone when he announces that he'll become a new Dreadlord of the North and will take over Vanna. He allows the surviving defenders to leave from the ruined city as the Northern Horde turns it into their new base of operations.

Varalia, who has been brought to Alent with the Vulfsatz by Waldheim's group, recovers from her injuries and finds herself a prisoner of Alent. Varalia is visited by the Master of the Totenkopfs who asks for her assistance in dealing with Jemuel with help from Ferron and the Vulfsatz. Varalia assists them as they try to assassinate Jemuel, but they only manage to imprison him in the Beacon of Alent. Richelieu is named a temporary regent of Alent in Jemuel's absence.

Drishnek captures Xerathas with help from the Shadow and brainwashes him. He sends Xerathas back to Alent with Varalia along with some Totenkopf representatives so they can use the Grey Cult for their plans while the Shadow, who now assumes the shape of his past form Taliesin, remains in Alent to act as one of the Totenkopfs' spies.

Nesa and Shyralis's groups join the Alliance as it begins marching to Alent, and Shyralis informs them of the Plague of Undeath. Nesa, who now feels guilty about abandoning his daughter to the gods, asks for Unithien to accompany him to save her, and they leave, eventually ending up captured by the elves of Illunii when they try to travel through Celenian Forest.

The rest of the Alliance's group and the refugees reach Alent and meet several new allies, including Rain who helps Razoul soften up and becomes his girlfriend. Belial confronts Khalid but is quickly subdued when he tries to physicall force the Sultan to obey him, and is revealed to be Belial's brother Antigonus de Ardyn. Both Mordecai de Ardyn and Cain Highwind and captured after they try to assassinate Leon Alcibiates, and their connection to Totenkopfs is revealed. Antigonus is released from prison after he helped capture them but is still under watch by the Alliance who don't trust him. The Alliance and Sarquil make a deal with Alent to offer the Sarquil as workforce for the mages if they're provided protection by Alent.

Josiah Amdusias is framed for several mage murders, but Harrad eventually discovers that the murders were committed by his student Warley who's defeated by Harrad and Omaroch. The deceased Anti Mage Police captain is succeeded by Schtolteheim Reinbach III.

Omaroch leaves his student Lynnea Stargazer in Harrad's care to replace Warley and heads for Norash'namun to kill his mother, Grand Duchess Nhrakate d'Zarnagon, in order to weaken demons' rule over Yamato. He fails and is given to Malphas who takes him to Vanna to be tortured by Ronove and Refan. Lynnea decides to go after Omaroch and locates him in Vanna where she finds him in a weakened state and takes him back to Alent.

Xerathas, influenced by Totenkopfs after his return from Alent with Varalia, amasses the Grey Cult and their enslaved demons to begin a siege of Magestar. His forces also conquer Mori'Taure and imprisonin Queen Beruthiel Sindaros while several elves of Tel'Elee flee to Remon to seek sanctuary in Sanae.

Josiah returns to Magestar and is accompanied by Harrad, Waldheim, and Ferron among others. They teleport to the Magestar where they meet with the masters, including Amy, Balthazar Bannock and Dantalion, who ask them to locate a missing mage named Myria and a magic stone she had been searching for, which they hope they can use against the Grey Cult who has begun a siege of the Magestar.

Harrad's fellowship finds its way into the jungles of Khrima where they team up with Dantalion's contacts Yousei Kaizoku and Seishuu Kazejin. They also meet with the suviving members of the Itica race who are led by Josiah's old friend BoB the Jaguar. They end up fighting against Totenkopfs as well as demons from the Southern Horde led by E'soon G'nipparw who're also after the stone.

They fellowship locates Myria and the stone in a mystic temple where they also find an entrapped elven prophet Zeranafska whom they free. They're chased by the Watcher, a fusion of earth and water elemental, who sinks one third of the island. After defeating E'soon, the party and the Itica flee to different directions while BoB chooses to stay behind to aid the fellowship.

Ferron betrays the fellowship by stealing Zeranafska and the stone, and goes to aid the Grey Cult in the siege. Harrad and BoB lead the fellowship to Magestar via a secret passage and manage to free the imprisoned masters. A battle ensues during which the stone's power is used to turn the Grey Cult's demon slaves against their masters and force Xerathas to flee. Xerathas renounces the Totenkopfs who are forced to leave.

Ferron tries to flee with a book stolen from Magestar's libraries but is followed by Waldheim who subdues him in Alent. BoB, Kaizoku and Shuu stay behind in Magestar, and the rest of the fellowship teleport back to Alent although the spell backfires and also ends up taking Balthazar, Dantalion and Varalia with it too. Ferron is put in jail while Harrad takes both Varalia and Zeranafska into his quarters to keep them safe.

Razoul and Rain investigate if Cain had more Totenkopf allies in Alent, and they end up being captured by Drishnek. The necromancer Razravkar Dominus happens to witness all this but Drishnek chooses to spare him if he helps him deliver a message to Cain and take the hypnotized Rain and Razoul away from his hideout, to which Razravkar agrees.

Razravkar, while posing as a Black Guard to escort Rain and Razoul to the Alentian camp, is captured by Aluette, a cleric of Artemicia, for past crimes he had committed against the clergy. Razoul, after recovering from the spell, decides to bring Razravkar back, beliving him to be one of his men, and forms a posse which includes Rain, Vitani and a mysterious man named Raul Emmenson. They manage to rescue Razravkar who's revealed to not be a Black Guard at all, and they're ambushed by clerics of Nergal while Aluette slips away. They flee to the Celenian Forest where they're captured by the elves who take them to Illunii.

Razoul's group meets with the captured Nesa and Unithien in Illunii and form the Dresdens. They meet Thanatos Barca and his servant Jezebeth who manage to convince the court to spare their lives if they help them recover Thanatos's missing daughter Persephone Barca. The Dresdens agree and travels to Etheril where they meet with Raul's thief friends from the Union Workers, capture an undercover necromancer Deidra Finian who's after books in Persephone's possession, and they rescue Persephone as well as the Alentian councillor Gweneth from the Coalition while taking Baron Jeremiah Seneron captive. While fleeing, they're chased by the fae Curdardh who's lured to the Land of the Dead where they trap him before they leave the realm with Razravkar, Persephone and Deidra's help.

Back in Illunii, a battle begins when the Dresdens believe that Thanatos has been using them as pawns, but it turns out Jezebeth and Persephone have been playing them all while working for Duchess Nina of the Southern Horde. The Dresdens manage to defeat them, but Deidra and Thanatos perish. As a result of their actions, the Dresdens are allowed to leave Illunii. Nesa and Unithien depart from the group to search for Hivena while the rest of the group heads for Alent.

Despite the demon invasion of Illunii having been thwarted, Nina still succeeds in securing an elven scepter from Thanatos's laboratory and proceeds to travel with the scepter to meet with Duke Pazuzu of the West. Nina and Pazuzu end up making a deal, both wishing to use the other for their schemes.

Nesa and Unithien locate the trapped Hivena and save her, and she enters Nesa's mind to stay safe from the other gods. Nesa names his supposedly Andain daughter Nyanna Mikoto, knowing that her existence could be seen as a threat, but he promises to keep her safe no matter what. They quickly return to Alent where they're reunited with their Dresden companions.

Nesa and Unithien go visit Leon Alcibiates about Nyanna's potential Andain powers but are attacked by a Starspawn who's drawn to Nyanna's dormant powers. Razravkar and Raul come to aid them in battle along with others and manage to banish the Starspawn. However, because Dantalion and Vulture, one of the leaders of the Dwarven Triad, have secretly tampered with the Beacon of Alent, the Beacon's power ends up hitting the infirmary seemingly randomly and infects Unithien with itself, turning her into a living catalyst of mana which threatens to repeat the Reactor Core Explosion from a decade prior. The crisis is averted when the Dresdens, Alliance and Alentians work together to keep Unithien's mana at bay while Balthazar uses his magic to drain that power and separate her from the Beacon's energies.

When the Dresdens go to recover from the incident, they learn of Nesa having Blood Fever. Razravkar panicks and flees from Alent, not wanting to get infected and is framed by the Dwarven Triad for the murder of an Anti Mage Police officer. While on the run, Razravkar meets up with the merchant Javan al-Kassis and the sword-for-hire Thorn Stronghelm and head for Reign where Razravkar hopes to find clerics to see if he's infected with the fever. Razravkar is captured by Aluette again but Javan manages to broker a deal with Aluette to help convince her superiors of Razravkar's innocence in a trial.

The Union and Alent negotiate a mutually beneficient alliance between their forces although both remain vary of one another. The Dwarven Triad initiates the Alent Gang War between the forces of the Union and the Order of the Black Rose in a bid to weaken them both, but Raul suspects foul play and decides to investigate the causes of the war on his own. Raul heads for Reign to seek out Razravkar as well as talk with the Order's representatives on neutral ground to end the conflict between their underground factions.

Autumn 1017[]

Razravkar Dominus is taken to be judged for the murder of a cleric of Artemicia in the Day of the Damned festival in Reign. During the courtroom drama, the Dwarven Triad finally fully re-emerges after years of hiding and summons a magic crystal which releases a girl named Haruko Mizushima. Due to the fellowship's interruptions, the ritual is incomplete and the goddess Laverna remains trapped within Haruko who ends up suffering from amnesia. Shakkan appears to try to end Haruko's life and free Laverna, but is thwarted by Artemicia who drives him off. The Union Workers and the Triad form a temporary alliance and escort Haruko to a safe location in the Union's base Hidefall.

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Winter 1017[]

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After Catastrophe (AC) calendar begins.

Fourth Age[]

The dawn of the Fourth Age sees the rise smaller sovereign states such as the County of Goldshire, the United Provinces of Portiguara, the Free City of Trinity Gask, and the kingdoms of Celenia, Tevinth, Valencia and Zion from the ashes of the old world while the demon hordes agree to a seemingly indefinite ceasefire to regroup their surviving forces from the war to form the Andarian Empire. Demons become permanent residents in the Land of the Living although their strength is weakened to mortal levels. Since then, various races have coexisted in the changing, post-war world albeit with tension as many races continue viewing demons with suspicion after all the destruction the demons had caused in previous ages, and expect the demons to revert to their old ways before long.

After Catastrophe[]

20 AC[]

The twentieth Empire Day is celebrated in the Imperial City where a mysterious illness is spreading and which the Andarian authorities keep secret from the population. The Grand Master of the Golden Lake lures several people with anti-demon sentiments to him in the imperial capital to ask them to join his crusade against demons. The status quo of the Andarian criminal underworld is upset via sudden murders on gang turf, and the Goodfellas set their sights on their rivals in the Birds of Prey.

The Lebenslied tome is stolen from Valencia by what seem to be demonic agents of Andaria. Several successful suicide bombings and bombing attempts take place in various capital cities around the same time, placing the blame of these attacks on Andaria.

Hostilities between Andaria and Zion escalate as both countries move troops to their shared border. Zion-affiliated Fellowship of Sarilstad is sent to the kingdom of Celenia and the province of Alexandria by Queen Desdemona Sarillius to seek out both allies and artifacts of power to aid Zion's cause.

Valencia and Trinity Gask make first steps toward a tentative alliance via a proposed marriage of King Derek Hawthorne and Lady Ceres Asterica. Mysterious events take place in Survivor's Woods where a motley crew of strangers prevent otherworldly forces from invading the Land of the Living.