Threshold Riot
Part of the Second Great War
Date 1017 AE
Location Alent, Libaterra
Result Magicracy of Alent victory
Flag-magicalent Magicracy of Alent
Flag-magicalent Anti Mage Police
Flag-karaganda Sarquil refugees Threshold demons
Flag-magicalent Jemuel
Flag-magicalent Council of Mages
Flag-magicalent Schtolteheim Reinbach III
Flag-karaganda "Axikasha Keiran"
Flag-karaganda Khalid al-Saif
Jahi Gallu
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Alent during the Threshold Riot.

The Threshold Riot was a civil unrest in Alent's East Side, encompassing the Threshold and Sarquil Downs districts. It was fought between the Magicracy of Alent's military and Anti Mage Police, Sarquil refugees, and the demon denizens of Threshold. Rioting began in late autumn of 1017 AE when the city's Sarquil immigrants learned from the captured demoness Lust in the aftermath of the King and Queen's Ball that the ones who had been kidnapping and murdering their families since the Sarquil's arrival to the city had been demons who had been hiding in the notorious and shrouded Threshold district.

Alent's Council of Mages and the Grand Alliance tried to solve the conflict peacefully at first, but growing tensions between the various groups and ethnicities eventually escalated into a full-blown riot as both the Sarquil and the Threshold demons lashed out not only against each other but also against Alent who they felt had wronged them. What most of the groups didn't know was that the rioters were manipulated by Lust and other agents of the Eastern Horde and the Northern Horde who wanted to destabilize and weaken the city-state from within for the hordes' eventual assault.

The riot turned Alent's East Side into a warzone, and Alentian authorities only managed to restore some semblance of order to the city by using Project Ejactulatinoamanum, which involved teleporting charged and timed explosives into the district, and which resulted in numerous Sarquil casualties. The rioters' morale was more or less broken by this show of force, but the magicracy had little time to rest because the city soon ended up besieged by the army of the Crimson Coalition which had finally made a push into the Libaterran Heartlands after its success at the Battle of the Rivers.

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