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Thistle Grove
Basic Information
Government Kleptocracy
Title of leader Director
Title of lieutenant Representative
Geographic Information
Region(s) Libaterra
Member races Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Allies Union Workers (until 1017 AE)
Enemies Crimson Coalition, Grand Alliance, Union Workers
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Thistle Grove is an offshoot criminal cell which broke off from the Union Workers during the Second Great War when their and the rest of the Union's views began differing radically on how to deal with the threats posed by the Crimson Coalition and the Grand Alliance. Since then the Grove and the Union have been at odds and view each other as enemies.


Thistle Grove started as one of the oldest cells within the Union Workers. They became more extremist in their views against the Crimson Coalition and the Grand Alliance once the two factions had risen to prominence in 1017 AE as the Second Great War began. The Grove believed that the Union was the only power that was justly governed enough and well enough guarded from corruption to rule over the kingdoms and that both the Coalition and the Alliance posed a threat to the Union's interests.


Members of Thistle Grove are extremists and prejudiced. They are willing to go so far as to ally themselves with demons, elves, faerfolc, or even the undead if it helps them inflict more brutal casualties. They continue to perfect the rage-drug that they plan to use to create a mockery of a democratic state in a sort of 'city on the hill' thing.


The Grove is addicting large amounts of semi-experienced brawlers and thugs to the same drug that Madeline Emmenson is on, building up forces to eventually start a conflict in earnest with whomever they don't like, which is everybody.


Thistle Grove's government is an extreme hierarchy with a democratic veneer.

The top is the position merely referred to as the Director, and right below him are the Representatives, followed by their own elite Spokesmen, after whom control is based on martial strength and addiction. This goes down to what they call the Citizen, which is a highly dressed-up name for what amounts to 'slave'. As one is further down the ranks, going up become more difficult, and even if Citizens progress to Patriots, the soldiers and recipients of various martial service benefits, they might be killed for their nerve.

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