This article is about the Third Battle of Remonton. For a list of other battles around or inside the city, see Battle of Remonton.
Third Battle of Remonton
Date 1017 AE
Location Remonton, Remon
Result Wretched victory
White Ravens White Ravens

Ravensworth Watch Ravensworth Watch

Maar Sul Grand Alliance Totenkopfs Totenkopfs


White Ravens Dylas Rin Theron

White Ravens Grange O'Flanegan 

Maar Sul The Shadow 

Maar SulStewards' Council

Totenkopfs Arbriel Conrad 
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The Third Battle of Remonton took place on the outskirts of Remonton in 1017 AE. It was fought between the Grand Alliance and the White Ravens, dissidents who chose to follow Steward Dylas Rin Theron who tried to usurp power from the Stewards' Council. The battle turned chaotic when a being who looked like King Marcus Sarillius turned out to be one of the Shadow's clones, and Bishop Arbriel Conrad and his Totenkopf allies released the Plague of Undeath, a new, deadlier variant of the Blood Fever, among the combatants. The events spiralled out of control as the plague spread in the countryside while the variant turned the dead into undead who would later flock to the now undead Arbriel who began leading them and calling this growing undead force the Wretched.

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