Status: Dead
Age: 80 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Bard
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Locken Loyalists
Era: Third Age
"In many people's eyes, I should have died years ago. I just haven't had time to die in peace. Now that you have grown into such a beautiful, strong young woman. Now that I know your people are in safe hands...I feel I am now allowed to die."
—Theo to Shyla Locken

Theo was an old friend and advisor of King Samiel Locken. When Samiel and his wife, Queen Fara Locken, perished in an ambush, Theo was entrusted with keeping Princess Shyla Locken safe. Theo fulfilled this promise and tutored Shyla until she turned 18. When he noticed how she yearned to see the outside world, he supported her decision and suggested that she should leave the palace in Lutherin to experience the world and learn more about her subjects so that she could become a just Queen for Libaterra. After Shyla had left, Theo died peacefully in his sleep, having given Shyla every bit of advice he could.


Early YearsEdit

"You hurt her and I swear that I will torment you for the rest of your days and there after, Theo. She is the most precious thing. My child, my blood."
"I will ensure her safety, master."
"Now go! Begone from our sights and allow us to die in peace."
"Yes, master...and old friend."
Samiel Locken and Theo

Theo was a servant who befriended Samiel Locken in their youths. When Samiel became the King of Libaterra and the head of House of Locken, he appointed Theo as one of his closest advisors.

Years passed, and Samiel's wife Fara Locken eventually gave birth to their daughter Shyla Locken who would become the future Queen of Libaterra. Theo accompanied the royal family to their summer estate in Reign annually. When the entourage was returning from one such trip in 1000 AE, they were ambushed by bandits in the forest. The Lockens and their bodyguards fought fiercely against the attackers but ultimately they were injured fatally although they took many attackers with them to the grave.

When Samiel and Fara were in their death throes, they called out for Theo who had survived the ambush and entrusted the infant Shyla to him. Samiel told Theo to take care of Shyla, and Theo promised to fulfill his king's and friend's last wish to the best of his ability. Theo left the King and Queen to die in each other's arms and took Shyla back to safety within the walls of Lutherin. Although Theo had survived the ambush, he too had received injuries and would remain crippled for the rest of his days.

Distreyd EraEdit

"My final wish is that you stop learning of your world from books. Go out. Visit every town you can. There are palaces in Reign and Solinas you can stay, if you do not wish to put yourself at possible risk of the average inn. You have friends in the ranger encampments too, my dear. You know where they are."
"Solinas, Reign and Lutherin, outside Rebel land. Sounds like the best places to be would be Solinas or Reign, huh?"
"Go where you wish. It is not for anyone to say where you go, that is your decision alone."
—Theo and Shyla Locken

Theo kept his promise and tutored Shyla throughout her childhood and teen years. By the time Shyla had turned 18, Libaterra was in the middle of a civil war between the Locken Loyalists and the Rebels. Young Shyla had lived a sheltered life and often snuck to the libary where she read several books, one of which included Theo's memoirs which depicted the last moments of Shyla's parents.

Theo noticed how annoyed the young Queen had become at the palace life and realized that perhaps it had not been a good idea to keep her sheltered all her years because that act had ended up isolating her from her subjects and the land itself. Theo discussed this issue with Shyla, explaining that it was finally time for her to explore the world so that she would live life to its fullest instead of being forced to hide in the shadows for the rest of her days.

Although Shyla was confused by her mentor's words at first, she soon realized he was being serious and that he understood what her heart desired. Theo instructed the Queen to go inform her governors of her plans and sent her off.


"Thank you, Theo. You are forever looking out for me. I'm going to see the wooooooooorld!"
"Yes...and I am going to see the next."
—Shyla Locken and Theo

As Shyla hurried to get ready for her journey, Theo smiled, closed his eyes and died happily, certain that Shyla's experiences in the world would change Libaterra for the better.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What he was called.


In his later years he had grey hair, a crippled leg and a hunched back. He was dressed in the traditional colours of the royalists which included blue and white.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kind, calm and observant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He was a learned individual and knew many stories. He was also well versed in politics.


Fara LockenEdit

Theo cared for Fara as his queen and did anything he could to fulfill her wishes.

Samiel LockenEdit

Despite having a master-servant relationship, Samiel and Theo were also close friends, which is why Samiel could entrust Shyla to Theo's care, knowing he would take her to safety. Theo dedicated the rest of his life making sure Samiel's last wish would be fulfilled.

Shyla LockenEdit

Theo tutored Shyla, and the two grew so close that they could pretty much figure out what the other one was thinking without saying a word. It was eventually Theo's decision to convince Shyla to explore the outside world, and Shyla would remember Theo's teachings during her adventures in the countryside.

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