The Three
Tga flagthree
The (seldom used) flag of The Three
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Three Amigos
Symbol A black sword, bow, arrow and a
dragon on a field of red
Government Mercenary group
Title of leader Boss
Leader(s) Lucky
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Region(s) Mobile
Member races Elves
Allies Crimson Coalition
Enemies Grand Alliance
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Three are a band of elven mercenaries known for taking jobs on the wrong side of the law. The group consists of a former Remon soldier and bandit named Lucky, a former Vanna slave and thief named Dusty, and a youth named Ned whom they saved from a religious burning for heresy in Aison. They're currently in the employ of the Crimson Coalition, specifically Glaurung Losstarot.


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