"The Forgiven Traitor" is a poem written in Old Ryuugumian. Hiroshi Hayabusa discovered the text in one of the books in Raistlin II's library during the Ofuchi Usurpation period in the Second Age but had difficulty understanding the poem's seemingly nonsensical stanzas. However, Hiroshi later saw the power behind the paradoxical words, thus making him aware of the First Law of the Andain which he would use against Taro Ofuchi in a duel.

Only two stanzas, the ones that originally caught Hiroshi's attention, have survived from the much longer poem to the Third Age, and they're included in the Lebenslied tome. It is believed in academic circles that the popularity of the poem's numerous translations in Scundia may have inspired Craig Rimner to create Rimnerian Songs which carry on the poem's proud tradition of vulgar and nonsensical lyrics in the present day.

The PoemEdit

Old Ryuugumian:

Saohime no
Shito o shite

Nomi, shirami
Uma no shito suru
Makura moto

Common translation:

The Goddess of Spring
Is standing
Taking a leak

Plagued by fleas and lice,
I hear the horses stalling
Right by my pillow

Alternate version:

The Goddess of Spring
Took a piss

The fleas and lice—
And next to my pillow,
A pissing horse

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