House of Waldheim
Geographic Information
Base Vulpengaard Keep (until 1017 AE)
Societal Information
Title(s) High Cleric
Current head Distreyd Thanadar XIII
Race(s) Humans
Allies Clergy of Mardük
Enemies Clergy of Cardia, Grand Alliance
Historical Information

The Thanadar Clan is a family of Distreyd Thanadars, High Clerics of Mardük, who have lorded over Vulpengaard Keep in Yamato. The line began with Distreyd Thanadar I and has continued for centuries to the current head of the clan, Distreyd Thanadar XIII. The line of succession has been brutal as sons and fathers have killed one another to ensure that only the strongest and the most cunning survive to inherit the title of Distreyd Thanadar. The Thanadar Clan is unrelated to the demon brothers Leraje Thanadar and Ronove Thanadar although rumours whisper that there might be some connection between them.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

  • dotted lines indicate affairs

Distreyd Thanadar I
Distreyd Thanadar II
Distreyd Thanadar III
Distreyd Thanadar IV
Distreyd Thanadar V
Distreyd Thanadar VI
Distreyd Thanadar VII
One to Thirty
Distreyd Thanadar VIII
(Thirty One)
Distreyd Thanadar IX
Distreyd Thanadar X
Distreyd Thanadar XI
One to Six
Distreyd Thanadar XII
Eight and Nine
One and Two
Distreyd Thanadar XIII

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