Tes Pellaria
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Crystal Catacombs
Type Ruins
Region Northeastern Remon
Size Small city
Societal Information
Race(s) Faerfolc (until 1003 AE)
Historical Information

Tes Pellaria is an ancient ruined city located inside a cave in the northeastern mountain range of Remon. Nergal sealed the Faerfolc into the Crystal Catacombs beneath it after the War of the Andain. Tes Pellaria can also be accessed to speak directly to the spirits of the dead without having to use necromancy to achieve it, although few people know about it and tend to avoid the place altogether.

A rag-tag group of adventurers led by Leon Alcibiates entered Tes Pellaria in 1003 AE. Their arrival triggered the release of the Faerfolc who manifested spirits of the dead and left the catacombs after giving advice to the group. The spirit of King Agarwaen announced that a paladin named Marcus Sarillius would become the next king of Remon. Everyone in Remon saw a vision of Marcus's blessing, and it also attracted supporters for Marcus but also made the Yamatians and Clergy of Mardük realise that a threat to their rule existed.

Leon and Miyuki Ofuchi left the Book of Ofuchi to Tes Pellaria for safekeeping after the First Battle of Remonton while they continued their journey to the Isle of Yggdrasil. However, this turned out to be a bad decision since the dead did not give a crusty shit about mortal politics, and the book was stolen some time later. The book eventually ended up in the possession of the villainous Wolfsbane who used the book's shamanic magic to assassinate Andrei Pronin in 1017 AE.

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