Temple of the Unknown God
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Religion(s) Various gods
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Temple of the Unknown God is a generic term for a church set up for the worship of any god and is seen as a neutral ground for practitioners of different faiths. The first such temple was built in Reign during Libaterra's early history in the Third Age, and other similar temples have been built in other cities and towns over the following centuries, including a notable temple in the Imperial City of the Andarian Empire in the Fourth Age.

History[edit | edit source]

Third Age[edit | edit source]

The first known Temple of the Unknown God was built in Reign as a neutral place of worship for any god. The concept proved to be popular enough that the ruling House of Locken later commissioned similar neutral temples to be built throughout Libaterra so members of different faiths could interact peacefully with one another.

Axikasha Keiran and Shyla Locken ended up witnessing the goddess Artemicia stealing the magic sword Dawn in the Temple of the Unknown God in Trinity Gask during the Libaterran Civil War in 1000 AE. The same temple was used to imprison the demon Saleos in 1017 AE under orders from Glaurung Losstarot until the demon was relocated elsewhere.

Fourth Age[edit | edit source]

Temples of the Unknown God continued to be built in the Fourth Age in territories ruled by the demonic Andarian Empire. Unlike their predecessors, these temples were specifically meant for places of worship for all other clergies within the Empire's borders except for the Church of the Golden Dawn which was granted special privileges and separate temples due to the church's worship of the demons' fallen patron deity Mardük. The most notable Temple of the Unknown God in Andaria is located in the Imperial City.

All clergies doing their sermons in the Andarian Temples of the Unknown God are expected to remain on friendly terms with one another, and the High Legions will deal with any disturbances swiftly. Each clergy has a designated area within the temple complexes to worship their given deity in peace although mixing multiple clergies in the temples has sometimes led to unrest between followers of different faiths and forced the Legions to intervene to restore order.

Each clergy is expected to pay monthly tributes to the Empire for access to worship in a given temple; if the fee is not paid on time, the offending clergy is banned from accessing the temple until they pay the required tribute as well as interest. Clergies must also negotiate the terms of payment with Andarian officials annually due to changing taxes.

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