The Tainted Orb is a name given to a magical, hollow orb in which several Blood Fever samples from different test subjects have been stored and mixed together. It was created in the autumn of 1017 AE during the King and Queen's Ball when Dieter von Waldheim conducted an experiment in the central ziggurat of Alent by combining the blood samples of the elves Killian Greenbough and Rhylian Loras, half-elves Mordecai de Ardyn and Nesa Mikoto, the nymph Serene, a demon child as well as with the oddly reacting blood sample of the human Jonathan Seneron and zapping them with magic leeched from the metamorphosing Beacon of Alent. The orb is presently in the possession of Waldheim who intends to use it to find a cure to the Blood Fever and use the resulting power as a means to counter the demon threat.

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