Syndicate Temple
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Temple of the Sun
Type Ruins
Region Khrima, Eastern Aison
Societal Information
Religion(s) Stormborn
Historical Information
"Such was the magnitude of their temples, and their buildings. It rivaled anything I had ever seen. And they had a control over the plants themselves, as though, without effort, they spoke with them. Far greater was their connection to the wood than any other order of elves I have ever witnessed."
—From The Origination of the Keepers

The Syndicate Temple was the central temple built by the Syndicate atop the ruins of the ancient Stormborn Temple of the Sun in the jungle of Khrima in Eastern Aison. It witnessed the Syndicate sacrificing themselves to store their knowledge into Zeranafska, the last of their order, and to power up the mysterious Cintamani stone. The temple housed both Zeranafska's dormant body and the trapped Watcher, a fusion of two elementals which was both Zeranafska's guardian and jailor. When the Fellowship of Alent freed Zeranafska and took the stone with them, they also ended up releasing the Watcher as a result. The Watcher's subsequent rampage led to the destruction of the temple and the Sinking of Khrima.

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