Status: Dead
Age: 60 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Thief
Nation: Remon
Faction: Ravensworth Thieves' Guild
Era: Third Age

Sullena was a thief and an old friend of Delora and Omaroch d'Zarnagon. When Derak's rogues attacked the Zarnagon household and killed Delora and captured her son Kareth, Sullena happened to be around and managed to save the other son, Refan, from a similar fate. He decided to look after Refan until Omaroch returned, but years went by and Omaroch didn't return.

Sullena took Refan to a local guild in Ravensworth where he taught him and his other student Izael Korath the way of the thieves. He was also responsible for telling the two boys about the Code of Thieves, an ancient codex which only a select few thieves used at the time in Remon. Sullena was one of the few nice people in the guild, and he, Refan and Izael formed a close trio who became well known for their efficiency and code of honour.

One night Sullena took his two students to the docks of Ravensworth to steal a valuable artifact named the Dragon Diamond. However, just when the trio was about to reach the diamond, they ended up in an ambush set by Zarnagon and the Clergy of Mardük. Sullena tried to help the boys escaped but Zarnagon slew him on the spot. His sacrifice gave Refan time to escape, though, and Refan swore to avenge Sullena's death one day.

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