Sul'gar Minh
Geographic Information
Capital Sul'gar Minh
Region(s) Whole megacontinent
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Minhian
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Queen Maleah
Historical Information
Age First Age
Succeeded by
Barjassil Blank.png
Ancient Maar Sul Flag-maarsul.png

Sul'gar Minh was the capital of the oldest known human nation in the history of the Land of the Living, predating the First Age, with its last known monarch being Queen Maleah. At the time of the formation of Ancient Maar Sul, it was already a ruins, believed to be haunted. The history of the nation of Sul'gar Minh was forgotten by 100 years before the establishment of Ancient Maar Sul.


After the fall of Sul'gar Minh, the kingdoms of Ancient Maar Sul and Barjassil became more prominent, dividing the supercontinent between them to fill the void left by the ancient nation.

The eerie and unexplained downfall of Sul'gar Minh inspired bards to write down the now obscure The Legend of Sul'gar Minh which is seen as little more than a ghost story by modern day scholars.

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