The Struan Rebellion refers to a failed coup by Martin Struan for the throne of Maar Sul. The Rebellion ended when Martin Struan was deposed and executed by Kagetsu II in the First Battle of Maar Sul. After being crowned king, one of Kagetsu II's first acts was to revoke noble status from the House of Struan for their participation in the Rebellion.


While the Maar Sulais princes Geraud Aurelac and Kagetsu II were helping Marcus Sarillius and the Grand Alliance in the Liberation of Remon, King Remy Aurelac was fighting a guerrilla war against the Yamatians and the Clergy of Mardük who held Maar Sul in their grip.

Martin Struan pretended to be on the side of the House of Aurelac but eventually betrayed them by not arriving in time to help Remy in a decisive battle at Caer Goddard. Instead he had Remy Aurelac and Princess Réin Aurelac killed and usurped the throne of the Kingdom Maar Sul in 1003 AE. Struan was placed as the Regent of Maar Sul for his aid in the war, and he essentially became a puppet of the Yamatians and the Clergy of Mardük.

Struan also lied that the princely brothers Geraud and Kagetsu II had died in combat so that he could sway the supporters of the House of Aurelac to his side. He imprisoned many political figures such as Sen Wisteria and even hired Yamatian assassins to bring back the heads of the Maar Sulais princes.


Prince Kagetsu II led a Grand Alliance expedition into the Citadel of Maar Sul City after the liberation of Remon and succeeded in recovering the throne. His first act as King was to order Struan executed and Sen Wisteria freed from the dungeon Struan had thrown him in. They later faced the rest of the Yamatian occupation force and Struan rebels for the remainder of the First Battle of Maar Sul.


After the city had been retaken and Martin Struan had been deposed, the Alliance focused on liberating the rest of Maar Sul from Yamatians and forming alliances with ethnic groups in the kingdoms such as the horse riders of the Khitan Khanate.

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