Basic Information
Symbol A bolt of lightning
Government Cult
Geographic Information
Base Dar'Cenrath
Region(s) Ruins in Aison, Libaterra, Maar Sul, Remon and Yamato in the Third Age
Member races
Historical Information
Age First Age
"In the eye of the storm we bestow our strength to those who break the chains."
—Stormborn motto from the Lament of the Stormborn

The Stormborn were a closed circle of sages of several races who lived in the city-state of Dar'Cenrath in the First Age. They worshipped the Sky, the Storm, the Sun and the Four Winds, knew Andain lore and were connected to dragons. Little has survived of Stormborn lore after the destruction of the city-state, mainly songs with complex symbolism such as the enigmatic Lament of the Stormborn and references to equally mysterious Eyes of the Storm. Before disappearing from history, the Stormborn managed to build many temples dedicated to the elements throughout the Land of the Living although all of these places of worship now lie in ruins millennia later.

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