Stewards' Council
Basic Information
Government Council
Title of leader Steward
Geographic Information
Base Remonton (formerly)
Other strongholds Ravensworth
Region(s) Central Remon
Member races Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Members 3
Allies Church of the Memory of Cardia, Grand Alliance
Enemies White Ravens (formerly), Wretched
Historical Information
Age Third Age
Preceded by Council of Regents
"The Stewardship currently in place is not the Stewardship of old; rather, it is simply a small group consisting of one representative from each race, chosen by the people for our leadership during the rebuilding of Remonton. Remonton and the surrounding areas and towns serve as a valuable example of what can be achieved by teamwork, and my fellow stewards and I are quite pleased with the progress. Do not trouble yourself with worries about the politics of old; I assure you, we are only in place temporarily. With our great King in place once more, our roles will no longer be necessary."
Seize Greenlight to Dylas Rin Theron about the Second Council

The Stewards' Council can refer to two different councils. The First Council operated in Remonton between the Cataclysm and the Second Battle of Remonton, ruling the city in King Marcus Sarillius's absence until the Proninist Party took over the city. Marcus returned in 1016 AE and defeated the Proninists, after which he established the Second Council, this time from three representatives from the Remonian races of dwarves, elves and men. The Second Council takes care of administrative duties in Remonton and Western Remon while Marcus is leading the armies of the Grand Alliance abroad. After the Wretched led by Arbriel Conrad took over Remonton, the Second Council relocated to the last surviving human city of Ravensworth.

First CouncilEdit

The list below shows only the named members of the Council. Other councillors existed before the Proninist uprising, but most of them were wiped out in the following Proninist purges.

Second CouncilEdit

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