Geographic Information
Type Ruins
Region Central Libaterra
Size Large town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Kirkjan
Race(s) Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Political Information
Faction(s) Union Workers
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Steelfall was one of the main bases of the Union Workers. It was located in the border of the Tronin Desert in Libaterra until the Northern Horde destroyed the town and slew its defenders not long after taking over much of the Tronin Desert in the earlier Battle of Vanna.

The town served mainly as a training facility and sort of dedicated capital. Although no records were kept of the battle, it's possible that the thieves may have evacuated significant numbers of trainees and important people, or possibly have done slightly better in the battle than it would seem although they did suffer heavy casualties in the raid.

If any trickery or evacuations did occur, there was another Union settlement they would go to, which had been the main gathering place since the thieves joined the Second Great War in 1017 AE. That other town was a complete secret, and the Grand Alliance believed that the thieves had been gathering in Alent because of several cover-ups and half-lies to keep this remaining Union settlement a secret.

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