Hands can get floppy too when a person's unconscious! But sometimes they're definitely not floppy!

Example AEdit

An arrow burrowed deep into the side of the rowboat, just inches from Ax's leg. She didn't waste another second; with a grunt of effort, she hoisted the unconscious soldier up and dove under him. She bellowed at her comrades to do the same, and in a few seconds, they were all concealed under a meatshield of half-nude Ravensworth soldiers.

Ax felt something warm and floppy on her neck, and swore to the gods that if she got out of this alive, she'd open up an underwear shop in Ravensworth.

Example BEdit

Ax stood up and looked around, still feeling dizzy. Most of her friends had remained relatively unharmed despite the power of the Shadow's last suicidal attack. When she was about to move, a dark figure appeared in front of her. The figure's red eyes were glowing, and he grinned as he pulled Ax close.

"You smell good," the demonic Refan growled and his sharp tongue licked the blood from the female warrior's cheek.

Ax felt something warm but definitely not floppy against her thigh, and she realized that Refan was not wearing any clothes. "Oh, for crying out loud!" she hissed, trying to pull away, but the half-demon's grip was firm.

Example CEdit

As Ax picked herself up, she almost felt bad; the creature in front of her, now eyeless, three-legged and burnt beyond recognition, certainly didn't seem much of a threat. With an eerie hiss, the creature began to shrink to a normal bunny size once more.

She dusted herself off and stooped to retrieve her blade--

And with a chill, stopped. She could feel that warm, almost-familiar, definitely-not-floppy thing again.

"Oh, for fuck's sake! Not again!" she cried, dropping to her knees and hurrying away. "We just killed a giant fucking rabbit, and that's all you can think about?"

She leapt for her blade and slid to land on her butt, glaring at the demonic figure in front of her. "There's this thing, it's called foreplay. You really should read up on it!"

As Refan advanced upon her, a hungry look in his eyes, she drew both of her legs back, waited for the right moment...and kicked, hoping demons had the same weaknesses that human men did.

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