Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Size Large town
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Religion(s) Artemicia (Third Age)
Political Information
Ruler(s) Marquess Alexei Redgrave
Historical Information

Solinas is a town in Northern Valencia near the Snake Forest and the Ranger's Despair mountains in the Fourth Age. It is presently ruled by Marquess Alexei Redgrave who is one of King Derek I's marcher lords.


Third AgeEdit

A palace had been quickly constructed at the center of this outlying Libaterran town, as it was the last location before the Blood Border in the Third Age. This once sleepy farming and foresting town bustled with army activity, and effectively become a base of operations for army training until the last days of the Libaterran Civil War. After its takeover by the Crimson Coalition in 1017 AE, it became one of the strongholds of the Clergy of Artemicia.

During Third Age the town contained: Fallen Palace, army barracks, market, forester's, carpenter, Woodland temple, Ranger's encampments, Small Inn, Archer's ranges, Training camps, Sword fighter's range, Mercenary barracks, Old Rebel tunnels (built underneath the town, the line ran back to Trinity Gask and was formerly used by the Rebels), Temple of Artemicia.

Fourth AgeEdit

At the dawn of the Fourth Age, the Crimson Coalition collapsed and lost many of its holdings in the former Libaterran countryside while the very continent itself underwent great changes in the Catastrophe. Eventually Solinas was annexed to the growing Kingdom of Valencia, and King Derek I appointed Marquess Alexei Redgrave to rule the town in his name as one of his marcher lords.

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